What Does “Liberal” Mean in this Context?

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From the July 15 Hannity & Colmes program:

HANNITY: They found three massive underground tanks, each 60 feet long, 10 feet high, each with about 100 marijuana plants growing inside. The university’s plumbing and electric lines had been tapped into the water to heat the plants, and the tanks were accessible by a homemade hatch door and a ladder that the culprits used to climb down into their secret liberal lab.

COLMES: Liberal?

Media Matters for America: Hannity called marijuana lab “liberal”

Har-har-har! Good one, Sean! It’s a joke, right? Heheh.

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7 Responses to “What Does “Liberal” Mean in this Context?”

  1. Justin Gardner Says:

    Sean’s a particuarly bad hack unfortunately. I’m sure he’s made some cogent points in the past, but none I’ve seen the few times I’ve watched him. Just the same old name calling and talking points shilling that we’ve come to expect. Hopefully a site like ours will alleviate this problem.

  2. goy Says:

    My money sez Sean *meant* that the lab became liberal on the day Bob Novak leaked its existence to the authorities…

    What a boob.

  3. Paul Brinkley Says:

    Maybe they’re secretly growing liberals in vats there.

    Or maybe it’s some secret Tim-Burton’s-Riddler-type conspiracy to release marijuana gas over the city, and convert everyone to liberals. (Quick! To the Bat-Novak!)

    In all seriousness, I kinda wonder what compels a person to create a clandestine marijuana farm of this size. I reckon the farmer means to sell it or give it to friends and acquaintances. Oh well. At least the guy’s learned some agriculture.

  4. Beth Says:

    Hmm … going off Paul’s comments .. that’s a pretty good size ag business! Sounds to me like a conservative business man! LOL

    Actually … liberal because of growing marijuana … give me a break.

  5. Keith, Indy Says:

    No, liberal as in getting the government to pay for the operation of the lab (electricity and water)

    Not having seen the segment, I wouldn’t care to guess what Sean actually meant. He does tend to take jabs every chance he gets…

  6. Justin Gardner Says:

    No, liberal as in getting the government to pay for the operation of the lab (electricity and water)


  7. Arun Says:

    Anything drug related to Sean would be considered “Liberal”, because “Conservatives” never do drugs. Give me a break!

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