The Many Criticisms Of Jimmy Carter

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Carter spoke out the other day and the blogosphere has been abuzz with talk against the former President.

The Moderate Voice has a good roundup and this personal clip:

I was in Spain as Special Correspondent of the Christian Science Monitor when he was elected President. My father wrote me (pre-email days) that “no one knew where he was coming from” he came up so fast through the primaries. That was one of the few elections I didn’t vote in but I watched the Gerald Ford-Jimmy Carter debate and thought Carter had won.

During Carter’s term many diplomats and Americans visiting in Spain were besides themselves over his tenure. Diplomats were frustrated over the incompetence of Carter’s foreign policy and administration in general. And, almost in a state of grief. Americans visiting talked about the long gas lines and the fact the administration simply did not seem to have a clue in how to ADMINISTER a country. Some (as Carter rightly noted in one of his most criticized speeches) felt America’s best days were over.

I returned to the United States in December 1978. When Carter ran for re-election in 1980 I was working as a reporter on the Wichita Eagle in Kansas. I took a lot of grief from some staffers when I honestly told them I was voting for Ronald Reagan due to Carter’s disastrous foreign policy and poor overall administration. To this date, that was one of the most satisfying votes I ever cast.

Read all the rest of the criticisms about Jimmy Carter.

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One Response to “The Many Criticisms Of Jimmy Carter”

  1. Cicero Says:

    I think presidents reflect the mercurial mood of the country when they’re elected. Carter reflected the post-Vietnam, post-stagflation, post-impeachment mindset of Americans in 1976. Leading in the world, at that time, seemed to be a losing, tiresome proposition. Carter was perfect for that kind of mindset.

    We can blame Carter all we want, but he was the choice of a fickle, fitful electorate. That’s just what democracy does. None of us should feel above it.

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