Keeping it on the Good Foot

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Citizen Smash helps organize a support-the-war-effort rally in San Diego, and along the way his group offers a good example of isolating the extremists — or the “plants” from the other side who try to make you look like extremists.

Another counter-demonstrator tried to be clever, by holding up a sign that read “NUKE IRAN.� We politely asked him to take it somewhere else. When he declined, we followed him around, blocking his sign with our American flags, until he eventually gave up and crossed over to the opposite corner.

Would that every demonstration had the courage to trade smaller numbers for higher principles.

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2 Responses to “Keeping it on the Good Foot”

  1. Justin Gardner Says:

    I think it’s healthy to have these types of demonstrations. Let’s hope we can keep the back and forth going. It’s essential to reasonable debate.

  2. Dave Says:


    I agree. However having been at 8-28 and hearing what I was called afterwords I have to point out that it takes two to be reasonable.

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