Bush And Gas Don’t Mix

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Economy

A new poll by ABC News shows that people are pissed about gas prices:

At home, opinions on gasoline prices are even more dire. Just 22 percent approve of Bush’s work on the problem, while a whopping 73 percent disapprove. Two-thirds say gas prices are causing them financial hardship â€â€? back up after a dip last week â€â€? and six in 10 think the Bush administration could take measures to cut the price of gas.

That view seems to run contrary to Bush’s comment Monday: “I wish I could snap my fingers and lower the price of gasoline for you. The markets don’t work that way. I’d be snappin’ if I could do it.”

What are your thoughts? Are we being too hard on Bush or are gas prices really out of control? I’ve heard from many of my liberal friends that gas prices should be higher.

Do you agree?

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7 Responses to “Bush And Gas Don’t Mix”

  1. This&That Says:

    Bush has no real control over gas prices.

    He will be blamed anyway.

    Just as Clinton or Cartar or Regan or whoever would be blamed.

    The masses are stupid that way.

  2. ford4x4 Says:

    I think the only way govenrment can influence things now are:
    Reduce gas taxes – but what would they replace that much needed
    revenue from?
    Build a few, new, government owned refineries – long term solution,
    and smacks of communism, anyway.

  3. debsay Says:

    Bush doesn’t have any control over the price of Gas….

    One of the long term solutions, in addition to building new refinaries, could be to nationally select one blend of gas and get rid of the hundreds of blends that our refinaries have to deal with. This would streamline the process.

  4. Callimachus Says:

    Gas prices probably should be higher, as a spur to getting past gasoline. But higher gas prices would hurt the poorest Americans, and the rural regions, the most.

    My short-term solution to this long-term problem: buy a hybrid, buy a bike, move back to the city.

  5. Kecia Says:

    I really don’t know if it’s Bush or who or what but before you start walking…what I do know is that everyone needs to grab a bottle of Ethos FR and start reformulating your gas, oil and powersteering fluid to extend the life and mileage of your present vehicle.


  6. craig Says:

    i think that a radical movement is needed my idea would be to make all vehicles run on e85 or other biofriendly fuels within 20 years. its strict but efficient

  7. hailey Says:

    ok well i have a few thing to say it might not be what people want to hear but i want to say it
    the gas prices are going up and the reason why is we have put a rope around our necks and letting our government tax us and use our money for the stuff they need and not spending a dime on our schools(in flordia we hope to have a half cent), roads,hospital care, elderly, and emergency care.

    now i want to just point out some problems in america:

    the farmer are getting paid not to grow food
    our schools’ money is not getting used properly
    when we get sick we don’t go to the docter cause we know it will take us at least two year to pay the debt off
    the government is tring to take away our guns that protect us
    the unions are disapearing and the uninployment is going up

    and the sd part is the government is feeding you bull crap
    they don’t care if they are stealing your money
    and most of the government personnel have stocks in fuel refineries
    so here is the only way to stop rising prices


    Well since no one is willing to boy cot the gas prices
    let us enjoy swimming in the rappeds of high gas prices untill the government pushes us under to die

    FYI:we don’t need tax cuts we need some one who will stop inflation slowly someone who will stop the wasting of our tax dollars and then finallly put those dollers in to gas refinerese so that the government will bring down the prices and then cut our taxes like in half

    but since this is only a fairy tale let us all go burn doller (their more like 10cents now with inflation)

    now thank you for listening but i think you got an apointment to go stick your head the sand

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