How To Help With Katrina

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Frequent Donklephant commenter, N. Mallory, has a listing of relief organizations over on her site The Naked Truth. Just look in the right-hand column.

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One Response to “How To Help With Katrina”

  1. Dan Robinson Says:

    I don’t know how to get these ideas out to the right people.
    for immediate help to areas inaccessable, especially flooded residential areas, we could have crews with boats or choppers dropping of water and food near homes.
    I would have a gas compressor in a chopper with tire innertubes water and MRE’s, have the crew wrap the case of bottled water with the tire innertube’s and inflate until snug, tie on a 10 foot rope with a sand bag, and drop and move on.

    wrap MRE boxes in shrink wrap and repeat, possibly would have to shrink wrap MRE Box to innertube.

    I think this would help people immediately.

    they could shrink wrap supplies to cheap rubber rafts donated from department stores and drop.

    the rafts could be untied from the sand bags and be used to get out.

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