Janet Jackson’s Secret Daughter?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Kitchen Sink, Media

Okay, this one is completely off-topic, but it’s so weird (like this post about David Copperfield) I can’t ignore it.

More on Janet Jackson’s secret:

U.S. singer Janet Jackson and James DeBarge, who were briefly married in 1984, had a daughter together, DeBarge’s brother Young DeBarge has claimed on a radio program.

Young DeBarge said the child, named Renee and now 18, has been living with Rebbie Jackson, Janet’s oldest sister. His comments lent support to reports that have circulated for years claiming Janet has a “secret” daughter.

Jackson’s publicist didn’t immediately return calls from the media yesterday.

I guess this prompts the question, is this any of our business? Can public figures have private lives and private children? I think the answer is most certainly yes, but you have to jump through a lot of hoops in order to make it happen, including not actually living with the child. That’s the one thing that strikes me as particularly odd.

Well, hope she’s been a good mom.

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8 Responses to “Janet Jackson’s Secret Daughter?”

  1. manda Says:


  2. Elizabeth Says:

    It was up to Janet if she wanted to have a child, not our business. But if it is true she should not deny her daughter. And what is so wrong with the public knowing you have a child? But al in all it is Janet’s business to have had that child. Good luck on your marriage to Jermaine.

  3. Russia Says:

    I don’t blame her for protecting her child from the media.

  4. Susie Says:

    This was debunked months ago guys.

  5. Mest Says:

    I think if it is true her denial would be because the child may not know. She was very young when she had her if she did and possibly they thought it best her older sister raise her. Maybe Janet felt she couldnt take care of a child then, and could be why she hasnt had one now.

  6. holly Says:

    emmm HELLO?

    She did not have a child.

  7. Believer Says:

    I have been a HUGE Janet Jackson fan for 25 years. I do believe she had a baby with James, but the child would be more like 22 by now. If you ever watch ReRuns of FAME…she is definitely “showing” in her final episodes, and she left the show shortly thereafter…No matter what, I love Janet!

  8. Muni B Says:

    That is between Janet, James & God…just so long as the child (if there is one) is not being physically or mentally abused and know it is loved and cared for properly (hopefully by parents) it is not our business.
    As we know they were both still young when the supposed child was born maybe it was/is in the child’s best interest to be raised in a stable environment with Rebbie who has had no public scandal in her life to my knowledge…
    I pray they are all happy and fulfilling their divine destiny, and wish them nothing but the best.
    I also hope Janet and Jermaine stay 2gether til death…

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