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Cindy For The Senate?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in General Politics, War

Jeezus… CARACAS, Venezuela â€â€? Cindy Sheehan, the peace activist who set up camp near President Bush’s Texas ranch last summer, said Saturday she is considering running against Sen. Dianne Feinstein to protest what she called the California lawmaker’s support for the war in Iraq. “She voted for the war. She continues to vote for the […]

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Obama On Filibustering Alito

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Supreme Court

From the AP: “We need to recognize, because Judge Alito will be confirmed, that, if we’re going to oppose a nominee that we’ve got to persuade the American people that, in fact, their values are at stake,” Obama said. “There is an over-reliance on the part of Democrats for procedural maneuvers,” he told ABC’s “This […]

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Chuck Hagel Tells It Like It Is

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Law, The War On Terrorism

From the topic of Bush thinking he has the authority to go around the FISA laws to Rove politicizing the WOT, Chuck Hagel dismantles both in a great talk on This Week. Here’s the clip. Definitely worth a watch. Tweet

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Does The Right Like Bush’s New Iran Plan?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Foreign Policy, The War On Terrorism

Let it be known right off the bat that Bush’s “new” Iran policy is virtually a carbon copy of the one John Kerry talked about during the debates and campaign. Now having said that, let’s see what the right thinks about it. The following is from Ed Morrissey’s blog, Captain’s Quarters, back in October 2004. […]

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NSA’s Warrantless Wiretapping is Wrong

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in The War On Terrorism

After many weeks of debate concerning the NSA’s warrantless wiretapping, I think the real facts have finally squirmed their way through the partisan spin. And I think the truth is: the program is wrong. Now, I’m not a lawyer and so I’ll let lawyers hash out whether or not the program is or is not […]

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The Iraqi Consitution Protects Against Wiretapping…

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Foreign Policy, The War On Terrorism

Yes, even with strict Islamic law, they still protect against unwarranted intrusion. I wonder if it’ll all go out of the window if they wage a “war on terrorism”. From the document…. The freedom of communication, and mail, telegraphic, electronic, and telephonic correspondence, and other correspondence shall be guaranteed and may not be monitored, wiretapped […]

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Evangelicals Against Torture

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Foreign Policy, The War On Terrorism

Recently we had a pretty spirited debate about religion at my post about Paul Hackett. Once you read the post, you’ll understand the title, but the comments about religion are certainly very interesting. Now I read about one of Andrew Sullivan’s readers, and how he/she is speaking out… I teach at a university that identifies […]

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Want To Sleep Better?

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I have the solution. Well, at least I have a link… What we do at night affects everything we do during the day — our ability to learn, our skills, our memory, stamina, health and safety. Most of all, it affects our mood: Chronic sleep disruption appears to be the single biggest trigger for depression. […]

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Donklephant In Online Journalism Review Article

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Blogging, Media

Scott Gordon recently interviewed me about at the mainstream media and how blogs fit into that world. Here are some excerpts that mention our humble little site… The traditional media kept a watchful eye on political blogs during Judge Samuel Alito’s Supreme Court confirmation hearings this month.‘s “Who’s Blogging?” feature tracked bloggers who linked […]

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The “I” Word

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in General Politics

I didn’t see this poll from last week, and color me surprised… …a poll released last week by Zogby International showed 52 percent of American adults thought Congress should consider impeaching Bush if he wiretapped U.S. citizens without court approval, including 59 percent of independents and 23 percent of Republicans. (The survey had a margin […]

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