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Learn, Hollywood, Learn

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Heh. Looks like I’m not the only one who noticed the off-putting preachiness of last year’s Hollywood crop. Even a liberal — sorry “liberal,” as we’re putting the word in scare quotes now till we know for sure the subject’s attitude toward Locke and David Lloyd George — such as Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir has a […]

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Choose Freedom

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Just when I was lamenting the lack of a new equivalent of the Congress for Cultural Freedom, comes a timely manifesto, “Together facing the new totalitarianism.” After having overcome fascism, Nazism, and Stalinism, the world now faces a new totalitarian global threat: Islamism. We, writers, journalists, intellectuals, call for resistance to religious totalitarianism and for […]

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Darwin’s Blondes

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Gentlemen, it is said, prefer blondes. So did cavemen. Almost the only sustenance in northern Europe came from roaming herds of mammoths, reindeer, bison and horses. Finding them required long, arduous hunting trips in which numerous males died, leading to a high ratio of surviving women to men. Lighter hair colours, which started as rare […]

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Life After Roe Would Not Be Simple

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in News

Looks like the forces waging the war over Roe are digging the trenches for another (final?) battle. South Dakota is on the verge of all but banning abortion, a move that will almost certainly spawn a case that is appealed to the Supreme Court. To people like South Dakota State Representative Roger Hunt, this move […]

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Greenspan And “The Third Way”

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in General Politics

He thinks that most voters are ‘monomodal’, while the current political climate in Washington is ‘bimodal.’ To translate, a third party candidate could cause a lot of headaches in the next election. Political Wire has more. Tweet

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1,300 And Counting…

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That’s the tragic aftermath of sectarian violence in Iraq over the past several days. I can’t help but think that civil war is much closer than we may think. Only a few of those who were taken by this latest tragedy need to be “important” people. And any one of those few could be the […]

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Reclassifying Documents Nearly 50 Years Old?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in History, The War On Terrorism

In 1999, the government began secretly reclassifying documents that were previously made public by the Clinton administration. One such document is the 1958 Department of Defense Emergency Plans Book. Washington Wire describes it as “an early Cold War description of response planning for a nuclear attack on the U.S”. However, you want to know the […]

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Mike McCurry Feels For Scott McClellan

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in General Politics, Media

Maybe it has something to do with last names that start with “Mc” or maybe it had to do with being a former press secretary, but Mike McCurry is certainly feeling Scott McClellan’s pain. From the NY Times: Mike McCurry, who was President Bill Clinton’s press secretary a decade ago, is kicking himself to this […]

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By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Polls, The War On Terrorism

Yes, an expected post from a liberal, but I think this illustrates just how much the port controversy blindsided Bush. Sure, we can’t know if this number is true until we see other numbers come in the next few days, but this walks and talks a lot like post-Katrina numbers. Bush has got to be […]

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They Don’t Make Dems Like HHH Any More

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What do you expect from a blog that calls itself Right-Wing Nut House? Well, surprise yourself. Much of what you see there probably matches your expectation. But how about a heartfelt paean to the hero of the blogger’s youth, Hubert Horatio Humphrey Jr.? Didn’t see that one coming, perhaps. Unless you recall the politics of […]

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