Wash Post Uses Odd Cheney Photo In Shooting Story

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Media

My original post about Cheney shooting his hunting partner in the FACE (!) was obviously written with tongue firmly planted in cheek, so I posted this pic of Cheney curling his lip.

But now I get sent a Wash Post story from Meredith (one of our avid commenters), and it seems as if they posted this pic attached to the story

Now, something tells me that they had some pictures of Dick that didn’t show him sneering.

What do you think?

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5 Responses to “Wash Post Uses Odd Cheney Photo In Shooting Story”

  1. Holly in Cincinnati Says:

    Shooting, not shouting

  2. reader_iam Says:


    Must they be so transparent?


    (And I’m not even a Cheney fan.)

  3. CaliBlogger Says:

    Now, now, don’t blame the Post. It’s just that pictures of Cheney smiling are just too scary.

    Just think of the stink if they’d gone with this file photo?


  4. michael reynolds Says:

    That’s the Cheney we know and love.

  5. Justin Gardner Says:

    That’s the Cheney we know and love.

    That’s the Cheney you want to take home to ma and pa.

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