Mike McCurry Feels For Scott McClellan

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in General Politics, Media

Maybe it has something to do with last names that start with “Mc” or maybe it had to do with being a former press secretary, but Mike McCurry is certainly feeling Scott McClellan’s pain.

From the NY Times:

Mike McCurry, who was President Bill Clinton’s press secretary a decade ago, is kicking himself to this day for ever allowing the White House briefings to be televised live.

“It was a huge error on my part,” Mr. McCurry recalled the other day after watching a relentless White House press corps badger Scott McClellan, the current White House press secretary, about a hunting accident in which Vice President Dick Cheney shot a friend, Harry M. Whittington, and delayed telling the news media about it. “It has turned into a theater of the absurd.”

The live briefings, held almost daily, do serve a purpose for both sides. They give the White House an everyday entree into the news cycle and let officials speak directly to the public. And they give reporters the chance to hold officials accountable and on the record (and help reporters get time on camera).

As I often say, read the whole thing. An interesting perspective to say the very least.

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