A White House Redesign

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Blogging, General Politics

Well, if they’re cleaning house…why not redesign the website too?

It is widely believed that The United States of America is the most powerful nation on the face of the earth (meaning different things depending on who’s saying it). The world moves, in some measure, to the beat of its economic drum and worldwide policies are shaped to some degree by its concerns and motivations. So “The White House = Powerâ€Â? is not an obtuse statement to make.

Even so, one could never be made to understand this idea by looking at The White House website because The White House website looks like a podunk, backwater town’s newsblog.

More at Design View.

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3 Responses to “A White House Redesign”

  1. Bob Aman Says:

    Ooooh, and they could break the URL for George Bush’s biography while they’re at it, forcing people to restart the whole miserable failure thing. Clever!

  2. Daniel DiRito Says:

    Amid rampant speculation, it is rumored that Fox News and the Bush administration will be collaborating on a new program direct from the White House. An unnamed Fox source has confirmed the speculation and has provided some further information to Thought Theater. Bucking the trend towards reality based programming; the show is expected to be loosely based upon the selective facts surrounding the internal workings of the President and his policy operatives. The source went on to say that the program will have a superficial talk show – game show format where reporters will be allowed to ask questions and then each member of the White House Press Corp will use a hand-held device to vote on whether they believe the answers that are provided by Tony. Once the question and answer session is completed, the reporter with the most correct votes will enter a soundproof booth with Helen Thomas.

    Helen will be wired with a microphone. Tony then turns on Helen’s mic and allows her to ask a question. Once the question has been asked, the Press Corp votes again on whether the question should be allowed or whether the winning reporter in the sound booth should bitch slap Helen and end her questioning. The unnamed source, when pressed, refused to acknowledge that the tabulation system had been provided by Diebold. At that point Brit Hume’s voice was overheard in the background calling for security. The phone then went silent. Efforts to contact (Juan) the source have since failed.

    read more observations here:


  3. James Says:

    hi the Photo that Posted on http://donklephant.com/2006/04/25/a-white-house-redesign/ is that what the whitehouse.gov going be Look Like? When will they change the website?

    Please email me


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