A Green GOP Blog?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Environment, General Politics

No, it’s not an oxymoron.

In fact, there’s a blog called GreenGOP.org that just launched recently. It aims to reverse the stigma the GOP has so deservedly earned.

Check it out.

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5 Responses to “A Green GOP Blog?”

  1. Brian in MA Says:

    You do realize that Teddy Roosevelt was the founder of the conservation movement and a monopoly trust-buster, correct?

    Conservation and the GOP aren’t a new phenomenon, people just associate environmentalism with Democrats. I have no idea why considering the wackjobs spend most of their time ranting about global warming, tying themselves to trees, spilling paint on fur coats, and “saving” animals from captivity. Or in other words, doing relatively unimportant things that generally have a small amount of effect and serve to annoy people, not solve problems.

  2. DosPeros Says:

    JG — I’ll save you the time:

    Brian in MA, I have had about enough of your tiresome name-calling hackery. Really, “wackjob” — hardly describes the Earth Liberation Front — I believe the correct nomenclature there would be “terrorist”.

    Yes, environmentalist such as Al Gore are simply terrorists — defined as, “Using terror to achieve political ends.” So they don’t blow up buildings or highjack airplanes…worse…they threaten GLOBAL EXTERMINATION and the death of ALL HUMANITY and PLANT AND ANIMAL LIFE if their polical will is not effectuated. Now that is terrorism, psychological warefare, exc.

    Here is a little known fact. Al Gore removed the hyphen from his name to hide his Islamic terrorist routes. His real name is Tierra Al-Gore and he the FBI’s watch list.

  3. Justin Gardner Says:

    You do realize that Teddy Roosevelt was the founder of the conservation movement and a monopoly trust-buster, correct?

    Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean the current conservative movement has significantly moved away from those roots.

    But since you’re so quick to attack Democrats’ efforts, give me examples of how Republicans have been consistent stewards of the environment in the past 30 years. I mean, Christine Todd Whitman, a Republican, quit this administration because they were ignoring scientific fact because it didn’t fit into their policy point of view. This information is out there. Republicans are not good stewards of this environment, and hopefully it’s not too late to reverse some of this climate crisis we’re in presently.

    Concerning PETA and the extreme groups, well, I don’t know many Democrat politicians that support either group.

  4. GreenGOP Says:

    I’m pleased to see the discussion. I welcome any and all (well-mannered) comments on my site. Donklephant is a great place for open minded people who aren’t blindly partisan to communicate. Thanks for the post as well.

  5. Rob Sisson Says:

    Folks…Republicans for Environmental Protection has been at work for 11 years. Go to our website at http://www.rep.org to see that, no, our name is not an oxymoron and that we are making progess. Thanks…Rob Sisson, Membership and Development Director, Republicans for Environmental Protection

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