In The Meantime…

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Salt Lake City’s mayor talks smack about Bush and gets cheered?

In Utah?


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2 Responses to “In The Meantime…”

  1. Bob J Young Says:

    The Salt Lake Tribune is reporting that “President Bush on Thursday repeated – sometimes word for word – a good portion of the message he delivered a year ago in Salt Lake City “.

    But the most interesting part was that bush supporters actually believe that those who appose bush want to appease terrorist.

    “ “When Hitler came to power, there were plenty of people saying, ‘Well, just give him this or that,’ and that didn’t work with him,” Linberg said. But Linberg said she isn’t certain about the ability of younger Americans to understand that message. “

    I’m not sure how to address statements like hers. Nobody I’ve ever spoke to thinks the terrorists will just go away if we appease them. My opposition to bush has always been that funding, material, public support and troops are limited, so they need to be expended judiciously and with great forethought. It’s going to a very long and complicated struggle, we can’t invade everyone with a funny hat, and an army that retreats to a stronger position has a better chance of winning than one that stands around blindly swatting at chaos till they are exhausted.

  2. Daniel Says:

    Rocky was correct on all counts.

    I will add that Bush, along with all his NeoFascist comrades in the U.S. and his ZioNazi pals in Israel are war criminals… guilty of countless crimes against humanity… guilty of circumventing international law and U.S. Constitutional law under false pretenses.

    Hats off to the good Mayor of Salt Lake City!

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