John Kerry, Please Go Away

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Dumb Things Said By Smart People

And please, for everybody’s sake, just shut up.

From Captain Ed come a few sage questions…

Will Ned Lamont repudiate Kerry’s words? Will Bob Casey, Jr dispute his mentor’s characterization of our military as a junkyard for goldbricking idiots? Will Benjamin Cardin affirm that soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines don’t have what it takes to succeed in life? Here in Minnesota, does Amy Klobuchar agree with Kerry’s analysis?

One would hope these politicos will come out and condemn Kerry’s remarks.

I guess we’ll see…

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18 Responses to “John Kerry, Please Go Away”

  1. DosPeros Says:

    Didn’t you just get done telling Peggy Noonan she should have stayed at home and shut up in 2004, JG? This is who we would have gotten — a Comm. and Chief who hates the military during a time of war.

  2. Alan Stewart Carl Says:

    Kerry has always seemed to have a contempt for the common man–his brand of liberalism is a very “we know what’s best” philosophy that believes those who disagree are clearly simpletons or evil. That’s way overstating things, but there’s no doubt that Kerry cannot conceive how people could rationally choose to be different from himself and his supporters. I mean, clearly, the only reason someone would go into the military is because they were too stupid to do anything else or know better (or, I guess, to jumpstart a political career).

    Yes, he needs to shut up and go away.

  3. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    Don’t question his patriotism.

  4. Justin Gardner Says:

    Don’t question his patriotism.

    I know you’re being sarcastic, but this has less to do with patriotism and more to do with where Kerry sees himself in the world. And I’d like to see Kerry in a place where he’s long forgotten.

  5. m.takhallus Says:

    I have to pile on here. Kerry needs to go home.

  6. conservative republican Says:

    | ASC- “Kerry has always seemed to have a contempt for the common man-his brand of liberalism is a very “we know what’s best” philosophy that believes those who disagre are clearly simpleton or evil.”

    It is funny that by describing the so called contempt of the common man by John Kerry, you are just describing the same contempt shown us by this brand of Republicans for the past six years. Republicans do want to see the majority of American workers as simpletons to vote or as evil if they dare question. By small margins they have been succesful for 5 years.

    | “… Kerry cannot conceive how people could rationally choose to be different from himself and his supporters. I mean, clearly, the only reason someone would go into the military is is because they were too stupid to do anything else or know better (or, I guess, to jumpstart a political career).”

    Here again just insert the Repubs for Kerry for your sentence to apply equally for Republicans.

    There may be many reasons for people to volunteer for the military; being stupid is not one of them. Whatever the reason, war soon chastens most of them into seeing both sides an equation.

    The most strident politicians and keyboarders are those who have never seen battle, never intend to see it, and are happy with others, which you describe as “stupid”, doing the fighting and the dying.

    Many are also the first to criticize, belittle, and toss on the wayside our soldiers once they have served their purpose as cannon fodder, or as you did for being so “stupid” to go in the first place.

  7. Lewis Says:

    I agree with Justin. I just want Kerry to disappear into the wilderness. His silly comment has given repubs a broad brush to paint dems all the same color. Of course the dems will do the same thing to the repubs in a heartbeat given the opportunity.

    However, he has really offended many in the military and their families. For that he should give a REAL apology.

  8. Rick Says:

    It seems that most of you have purchased the Strawman without taking a closer look at what Kerry said and the context in which he said it. Kerry said nothing about the troops rather he was saying that Bush’s lack of education got us stuck in Iraq. Locate a transcript and read his sentences leading up to the sentence which you assume he’s talking about the troops. In his previous sentences, he never mentions the troops. Rather he had been criticizing Bush right up to the following comment:

    “You know, educationâ€â€?if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. If you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.â€Â?

    He is akwardly saying that Bush’s lack of intelligence has got us stuck in Iraq. Locate the video of the speech which I saw on Hardball and the meaning of his words become more apparent. He’s attempting to play on the Liberal meme that Republicans are dumb.

  9. Donovan Says:

    Rick is correct. If you read the whole speech, it is clear that Kerry is going after the President. He admitted later that he “botched a joke”. My real beef with Kerry is that, of all people, he should have known that this joke would be taken out of context and used to make it look like he was bashing the troops. He was practically begging for it. And this, the Democrats do not need a week before the elections. I agree that Kerry needs to go be quiet.

  10. don mascilak Says:

    I don’t think asking John Kerry to go back home to France is a good idea. They have enough problems of their own right now and don’t need any additional cultural elitists to continue stirring things up.

  11. conservative republican Says:

    The MSM and the Republican noise machine trying to distract us by attempting to resurrect a previous election with two politicians not running for anything now. One an incompetent lame duck, who can’t answer spontaneous questions logically, and the other a failed candidate, who can’t tell a joke. If the elections were to depend on these two speech challenged characters, then Americans have been hiding in fear somewhere, or have not learned much in the past three years.

    We are not in 2004 but in 2006. This cycle Americans are yearning for accountability and the noise machine rethoric is not going to work, if we do not let it. If we are progressives, let us not lose our perspective. If republicans are using this distraction to at least wake up their base, let us do the same. We are already ahead. Let us use president Bush’s pathetic effort to make this a Bush vs Kerry fight again, as another instance, by the scared Republicans, to maintain raw power for its own sake, but not to govern in any way, shape or form.

    Let this be another inspiration to go vote in droves, in a tsunami of democrats and progressives that will finally send these incompetents back home.

    We should not forget that the king has no clothes, and that the chest thumping Republicans are deep down just paper tigers,

  12. Lewis Says:

    Why do you call yourself the “conservative republican”? Is it a joke? Are you into the troll thing on conservative blogs? You pretty much consistently bash repubs. Be proud of who you really are and what you believe – don’t hide it.

  13. conservative republican Says:

    I am a proud conservative republican that consistently voted republican when the candidates stood for the real conservative agenda and values, not those that only pay lip service. Unfortunately for our party, Republicans under president Bush and his “rubber Stamp” congress are anything but conservative. If you would like unthinking Republicans to follow like sheep and accept the pile of dung that the Republicans of the past five years have dumped on our country, then I am sorry to dissapoint you.

    In my Conservative book God comes first and then Country. Our party is the last and it is the first to go especially when that party has morphed and shown over and over to be anathema to conservative beliefs. When and if our party ever comes to its senses the Republican party will have my support and that of thousands of other disillusioned conservatives.

  14. Lewis Says:

    I’m going to believe what you say but I would have never connected the dots. But then I find myself in a strange situation as one of those old redneck born again Christians (later in life) that never voted for a Republican in my entire life.

    Like you I find myself in sort of a quandry. I feel alienated by mainstream democrats. The message I get from the dems is that Christians believe in fairy tails and are all Dobson clones. Add to that complete support for killing truly innocent babies under most any circumstance while moralizing about torture and the like (what total hipocracy). And then there’s demonizing people who work hard to be successful. Then environmental extremism without considering anything else. Then there’s the socialist tilt – income redistribution. Then pandering to minorities instead of insisting on responsible behavior. And worst of all – staying stuck in the sixties peace love mentality as if the whole world hasn’t changed in 40 years. I say grow up and move on!

    I just don’t fit in. Repubs aren’t a whole lot better either. Many so-called centrists seem to me to be more of the same old democrats. I see that tendency here which is why I comment once in a while – to add a diverse viewpoint.

    I wish the dems or at least the “centrists” would be less close-minded. The blogs I read that I feel most connected to are Kristen Powers, the Anchoress and LaShawn Barber. Those ladies have class and integrity that is uncommon in today’s political climate.

    Sorry if I offended you with my previous comment. I can’t say that I disagree much with your response to it.

  15. DosPeros Says:

    I don’t know how you people just don’t love Dick Cheney!!

    “Of course, now Senator Kerry says he was just making a joke, and he botched it up,” Vice President Dick Cheney said in remarks prepared for a campaign appearance in Montana. “I guess we didn’t get the nuance. He was for the joke before he was against it.”

    That is nothing short of precious…

  16. brenda Says:

    To defend Kerry’s statement is to slap every american in the face. DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN!

  17. Scott Pope Says:

    Want to make John Kerry go away? has an open letter and petition to the Senator asking him refrain from seeking the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination and to cease speaking on behalf of the Democratic Party. Check it out.

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