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Iran Supplying Iraq Militias?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in The War On Terrorism, War

That’s the claim from US officials, and they’ve literally got the smoking guns to prove it. From ABC News: U.S. officials say they have found smoking-gun evidence of Iranian support for terrorists in Iraq: brand-new weapons fresh from Iranian factories. According to a senior defense official, coalition forces have recently seized Iranian-made weapons and munitions […]

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China’s global reach

By Sean Aqui | Related entries in Foreign Policy, Military, News, The World

China, obviously, will be our strongest long-term competitor in the world, both economically and militarily. But the form that competition will take isn’t always clear. A lot of alarmists like to point to China’s growing military muscle. They’re modernizing their army and air force, expanding their navy and improving their missile technology. But while the […]

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Welcoming Central Sanity To The Blogosphere

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Blogging

Just got a link for a great new centrist blog. It’s written by journalist Pete Abel, and the name is…Central Sanity. Check out these posts in particular: The Voice of America Dialogue or Parallel Monologues? A 12-Step Program for Independents Christian Politics Starting Point And look for Pete’s site on our blogroll too. Tweet

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How We Do Things In Canada : Liberal Leadership

By gordo | Related entries in General Politics, The World

The Liberal Leadership Race in Canada.

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America To John Kerry: “It’s Over Pal.”

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Polls

He finished dead last in a likability poll of potential presidential candidates. What? Nooooooooooo! Kerry was last with a rating of 39.6. In three earlier polls this year, he never scored above 46.3. While many presidential contenders have a chance to make “a good first impression” on voters, Brown said, “Kerry has to convince people […]

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Warren Buffett Talks Class Warfare

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Economy, Money

Ben Stein (yes, that one) recently sat down with one of the richest men in the world and discussed wealth, the rich and the war on the working class in this country. Get ready for some eye opening stuff… Mr. Buffett compiled a data sheet of the men and women who work in his office. […]

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How We Do Things In Canada : A Conservative Work Ethic

By gordo | Related entries in General Politics, The World

A Conservative Work Ethic – What Harper’s done so far.

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Small Wars: The Bane Of Superpowers

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in War

An interesting piece by Larry Kahaner, author of AK-47: The Weapon that Changed the Face of War, which suggests that the Iraq war was doomed from the very start… The answer lies in the study of “small wars.â€Â? At its simplest, a small war is one in which the relationship between the combatants is decidedly […]

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Obama Calls On Iowa + The Religious Right

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Elections

First, concerning those Iowa aspirations… Obama said last month he was considering a campaign for president, as enthusiastic crowds turned out for his political appearances on behalf of other candidates and as he traveled the country promoting his best-selling book. Shortly after the Nov. 7 election, Obama telephoned John Norris, the Des Moines Democrat who […]

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Chuck Hagel on Winning And Losing

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Foreign Policy, War

An interesting op-ed that comes right out and says, “We’re not gonna make this thing any better, and we never really were.” From Washington Post: There will be no victory or defeat for the United States in Iraq. These terms do not reflect the reality of what is going to happen there. The future of […]

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