Will The Vatican Get Religion On Condoms?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Religion, Science, Sexuality

It appears that may be the case

The Roman Catholic church has taken the first step towards what could be a historic shift away from its total ban on the use of condoms.

Pope Benedict XVI’s “health minister” is understood to be urging him to accept that in restricted circumstances – specifically the prevention of Aids – barrier contraception is the lesser of two evils.

The recommendations, which have not been made public, still have to be reviewed by the traditionally conservative Vatican department responsible for safeguarding theological orthodoxy, and then by the Pope himself, before any decision is made.

The rethink, commissioned by Pope Benedict following his election last year, could save millions of lives around the world. It is likely to be raised today when the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, has his first full discussion with the Pope at an audience in the Vatican.

I applaud the shift if it happens.

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12 Responses to “Will The Vatican Get Religion On Condoms?”

  1. sleipner Says:

    Wow, they’re finally being dragged kicking and screaming into the 19th century!

  2. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    If there is a change, It will be regarding married couples only

  3. Justin Gardner Says:

    Hey, maybe they’ll realize things. More important miracles have happened.

  4. dr. a. Says:

    Terror strikes at the seat of Northern Ireland Government It would be farcical if it wasn’t such a serious situation.

  5. James Says:

    Honestly, the problem isn’t with the Vatican approving of disproving condoms. They state in fact that you should not have sex before marriage and then not to commit adultery. If devotees followed these rules then this wouldn’t be an issue. I think the issue for the Catholic Church is that devotees may follow only part of this rule, either having sex before marriage or committing adultery. I wish more credit would be given to the moral ideals of the church rather than living in the exception and mocking them for having a religiously ideal position.

  6. DosPeros Says:

    It will never happen, especially with Benedict XVI and it shouldn’t happen. The Vatican isn’t in the business of capitulating moral doctrine to human weakness and evil for utilitarian expediency. Sorry, Justin — just don’t hold your breathe. His name is Ratzinger not Pelosi.

  7. sleipner Says:

    Heil Ratzinger!

  8. Infojunkie Says:

    The current Vatican has been occupied since 1958 — see october1958.com — and has already issued many moral contradictions concerning Catholic morality. “The Church will be in eclipse,” warned Our Lady of Lasalette in 1846 — and we are there. Any such “morality” decision is null and voide from the start — because Ratzinger is an antipope; everything that needs to be said on this question was said in Casti Canubi by Pope Pius XI in 1931. All sexual acts should be between a man and a woman in marriage — with the transmission of life always possible via that act. This is already defined Catholic teaching — cannot be changed.

  9. sleipner Says:

    The only things that cannot be changed are the closed minds of idiots.

  10. hghlook.com Says:

    I agree with James.

  11. hgh Says:

    The current Vatican has been occupied since 1958.
    I disgree

  12. mike mcEachran Says:

    Jesus said exactly nothing about sex, except for a few minterpreted passages about divorce. To him morality was taking care of the sick and the poor and forgiving and being of service to others. So if you’re following Jesus’s words for direction, then it seems caring for the ill trumps judging other people’s sexuality. Maybe the Catholics are finally reading the Bible.

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