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Will The Vatican Get Religion On Condoms?

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It appears that may be the case… The Roman Catholic church has taken the first step towards what could be a historic shift away from its total ban on the use of condoms. Pope Benedict XVI’s “health minister” is understood to be urging him to accept that in restricted circumstances – specifically the prevention of […]

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See, I Always Thought Fox News Was Satire…

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I’m a little late to the game on this “liberal news” satire show being developed by Fox News, but before we get into the finer details I just wanted to point out that the shows they feel their satire will compete against are on COMEDY Central. So apparently this move by Fox means they’re okay […]

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Another View On Iraq

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in War

This was left in the comments section of my post “Go Big. Go Long. Go Home.“… Of the objectives for going to war in Iraq, all have been accomplished, leaving only two. First, to leverage the war and the regime change as a positive influence and force for change in the region. Second, to liberate […]

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Lieberman In ’08?

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The Bull Moose, Marshall Wittmann, has joined the Joementum…but then we have this? But we are all very small time cases of ideologically-blind policy wonks compared to Wittman. What those heaping scorn on Wittman are missing, however, is what his employment by Lieberman really means. When political giants tie up, it’s not an accident. Lieberman’s […]

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Iraqis Want Us Out

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in War

Also, a large majority approve of the attacks on our servicemen and women to. Not good. I say let’s grant them their wishes and subsequently force their leaders to stand up and take responsibility for the country. While it may seem strange now, I believe that this strategy represents the only way to “win” in […]

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Bull Moose Goes To Work For Lieberman

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in General Politics

So that’s why Marshall Wittman stopped blogging! From the Courant: But Wittmann, a registered independent, has made it clear in recent years he is more comfortable as a Democrat, and has been serving the moderate DLC as a senior fellow. Lieberman, who earlier this month won re-election as an independent, has close ties to Wittmann’s […]

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Schwarzenegger To Pimp Centrism In ’08

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Apparently he’s pushing the “moderate” meme for the Republican side, which could bode well for guys like Giuliani. From the LA Times: Fresh off a smashing reelection victory, the governor and his political team are hoping Schwarzenegger’s outsized persona and bipartisan achievements in Sacramento can translate into a substantial role in the next White House […]

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Go Big. Go Long. Go Home.

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These are apparently the strategies recommended by the Pentagon… Go Big = Add a lot more troops in and stay put until things are stable. Go Long = Pull out most troops, but have a longer presence. Go Home = Get the hell out of there as soon as possible. However, in true corporate fashion, […]

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Clinton/Bush Fatigue

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One reason why people may not want Hill in ’08…too much George and Bill… Eleanor Clift spells it out: If Hillary were elected and re-elected president, it would mean the presence of a Bush or a Clinton on every ticket from 1980 to 2016â€â€?36 years. That certainly puts things in perspective. However, while many Americans […]

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David Kuo Talks Faith and Politics

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in General Politics, Religion

The former, faith-based aide speaks out about what the evangelicals mean to the political landscape. From the NY Times: Yes, it is true that almost 30 percent of white evangelicals voted for the Democrats, up from the 22 percent Senator John Kerry received in the 2004 presidential race. But that 2004 number was aberrantly low. […]

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