“End The War. Pay For Health Care.”

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Elections, Health Care

That could be the next big Dem meme coming down the pike…so says Dan Conley of Political Insider…

Democrats will use the Iraq War as a two-fer, an opportunity to fund an extremely popular domestic program and to do it without the complicated cost-control efforts that sunk Hillary Clinton’s plan 12 years ago. And they will do so while sticking to a pay-as-you-go philosophy, spending no more than the current administration, just shifting the priorities.

Which candidate will it be? Hillary? Obama? Richardson? Probably doesn’t matter, because whoever use that line will get a lot of use out of it. Yes, it’s great strategy, but is it sound politics? Well, we’ll have to see the health care plan…

Meanwhile, in Obamaville…Robert Novak digs up this nugget

Contrary to reports that Barack Obama is still trying to make up his mind on seeking the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination, sources close to the first-term senator say he is unequivocally committed to making the race.

The word has spread through political circles that Obama’s wife, Michelle, is resisting the campaign out of fear for her husband’s physical safety as an African-American candidate for president. But an Obama insider dismissed that as a problem. ”We took care of that last summer,” he told this column.

We took care of that last summer? That’s certainly an odd way of putting it…as if they capped a few people out who were threatening Obama. Weirdness.

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3 Responses to ““End The War. Pay For Health Care.””

  1. gal Says:

    Hmm, an “Obama insider” confiding in Robert Novak?

  2. vor Says:

    and where, in the constitution, is the government mandated to provide health care (or social security, or farm subsidies, …) to the people?

  3. Around the web | alexking.org Says:

    [...] End The War. Pay For Health Care. [...]

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