Another Reason To Get Out Of Iraq

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Foreign Policy, The War On Terrorism

From Newsweek:

Jan. 22, 2007 issue – Intel director John Negroponte gave Congress a sobering assessment last week of the continued threats from groups like Al Qaeda and Hizbullah. But even gloomier comments came from Henry Crumpton, the outgoing State Department terror coordinator. An ex-CIA operative, Crumpton told NEWSWEEK that a worldwide surge in Islamic radicalism has worsened recently, increasing the number of potential terrorists and setting back U.S. efforts in the terror war. “Certainly, we haven’t made any progress,” said Crumpton. “In fact, we’ve lost ground.” He cites Iraq as a factor; the war has fueled resentment against the United States.

The only way we can win a war against a tactic is by winning hearts and minds. We have to show the world that we’re better than them. We’re not going to do that by continuing to fight a war which many feel has been invalidated by deception, torture and hyper-partisan politics.

Listen, we succeeded in liberating Iraq from Saddam and setting up a fledgling democracy. But now it’s up to Iraq to figure out what democracy means to them. And remember, Iraq is an artificially created country. If it needs to split up, then it’s going to happen. We can’t continue to try and hold it together with our blood and treasure.

Bush tells us that if we leave Iraq now we’re going to invite attacks against us. Well, I’m sorry, but how many of you think he has any credibility when it comes to telling us about foreign policy? More terrorists in the Middle East does not make the US less safe. The US in the middle of a religiously motivated civil war does make us less safe and puts a big fat target on our country. We get out of there, we secure our borders, we secure our ports…we become more safe.

Let’s get out now before it comes back to bite us in the ass.

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11 Responses to “Another Reason To Get Out Of Iraq”

  1. DosPeros Says:

    So just to make sure I hear you correctly…[because clarity in terms of solutions (as opposed to critique) is in rather short-supply from the Democrats]…we should up and leave asap. Should we keep any forces there? Should we keep any forces in the region? Should we conduct *any* military operations?

    That is all fine and good with me, but please don’t blame the Bush administration when you have piles of dead Sunni babies blocking roads. Don’t blame the the Bush administration when the Sunnis start some real terrorist fun — (we might see those WMD afterall).

  2. Alan Stewart Carl Says:

    Without some American military involvement, do you think the Iraqi government (or any given sect currently vying for power) will have the strength or even the inclincation to prevent al Qaeda from setting up opperations in sympathetic locations, particularly the Sunni Triangle? I don’t think the surge is a wise course of action and I don’t think Bush has fully grasped the new realities in Iraq, but just because he’s wrong doesn’t make the exact opposite (withdrawal) right. We need to refocus our efforts away from propping up a “democratic” government and towards securing our own interests — namely keeping al Qaeda and like-minded groups from turning portions of Iraq into the new Afghanistan. I don’t see how we can do that without maintaining a troop presence inside the country.

  3. rob Says:

    but please don’t blame the Bush administration when you have piles of dead Sunni babies blocking roads.

    Why not? this would not have happened if he didn’t go in to Iraq in the first place, and it might not have happened if he did without being a complete idiot.

  4. BenG Says:

    See, Folks; Nobody’s talking about total withdrawl or running from the mess this administration-YOUR GUYS, Dos Peros-have gotten us into. Nobody, xcept maybe some far left, anti-war folks, and who’s to say they were wrong now? You Bush cronnies have lost all credibility on such matters because you’ve been WRONG!
    Wrong about WMD’s, wrong about us being treated as liberators, wrong about oil revenues paying for the war and about the enormous cost in lives as well. Wrong about troop sizes and “let the Generals decide”. Wrong about the insurgency being so strong, wrong about clear n hold policy, and on and on. Maybe doing the opposite of wrong is a good tactic.
    But mostly you’ve been wrong about your original ‘dream’ of spreading Democracy, because you don’t seem to know what that is. It’s not about fear mongering, like dead baby stories when we pull out of Iraq. It’s not intimidation, arrogance, or spying on the American public in the name of fighting terrorists. It’s about discourse and debate btw people who can respect each other enough to learn something and move forward in a positive way. You’ve got less than 2 yrs to figure it out. Good luck !

  5. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    Let’s get out now before it comes back to bite us in the ass.

    I think if we get out now, its guaranteed to bite us in the ass later. Iraq’s government will fall eventually to some terrorist coup after years of bloody sectarianism with the nacent Iraqi govt inneffective to stop it. This would be 100 times worse than the Taliban or Somalia put together, but there would be no Northern Alliance or Ethiopians to do the necessary fighting for us.

  6. Justin Gardner Says:

    I know it’s clear I’m not saying we should leave tomorrow. I know it’s also clear that I’m saying that all this talk of “if we leave, we’ll be inviting attacks” is once again ignoring the realities we’re seeing in the world.

    Case in point, our government ignored what was going on in Iraq, and now Iraq is a mess. They shouldn’t be ignorning the fact that the number of Islamic extremists is growing, not shrinking. Think of how much of a recruitment tool this botched war is. We have made Iraq more of a terrorist magnet, not less, and if we continue to stay there without any plan to leave, we’re just inviting more attacks on us both over there and here at home. Bush would have you believe that the opposite is true. Sorry, I’m not buying it.

    Announce a phased withdrawal over the next few years of troops. Keep up the promise of economic development, because once people actually have jobs they’ll be less apt to want to kill each other. Other than that, there’s nothing we can do.

  7. DosPeros Says:

    Announce a phased withdrawal over the next few years of troops. Keep up the promise of economic development, because once people actually have jobs they’ll be less apt to want to kill each other. Other than that, there’s nothing we can do.

    I don’t think that is bad idea, Justin. I don’t see the reason why would have to “announce” though. Just do it and call it redeployment. The problem with “economic development” in a place like Iraq is that it will instantly be stolen. Billions of dollars up in smoke and no schools, bridges, hospitals or anything else to show for it. Even worse, some of the economic aid would inevitably go to finance terrorism.

    Rather than simply sending money into Iraq proper & this sham government. The U.S. should sponsor economic development zones or enterprise zones — smaller, local focus and work to secure those areas, rather than on a national scale.

    BenG — you’re right. Right now I’m gently caressing Carl Rove’s man organ.

  8. BenG Says:

    Well, Dos that was very good of you to say, and thanks for that image. But you just like to get a charge from people, and that’s OK, I appreciate all opinions as long as they’re sincere, and you manage to get that from your counterparts on many discussions.
    BTW, agree 100% wth last statement. Now how do we get out of this major F.U.?

  9. Alan Stewart Carl Says:

    The problem is that a phased withdrawal is just a total withdrawal in slow motion — unless it’s accompanied by some goals along the way. As much as this war is certainly helping create more terrorists, leaving without first assuring our own security it just as dangerous.

    My point is: I’m all for a phased withdrawal as long as that includes some provision for securing Iraq against al Qaeda and like-minded groups. Let the Iraqis handle the Iraqi problem (with our military assistance on that front slowly evaporating) but let us handle the terrorist problem. Easier said than done, I know, but we simply can’t leave without first making sure we won’t have to go back in to Iraq in five years.

  10. DosPeros Says:

    DosPeros Fortune Cookie: The only way out is through and its like chineese handcuffs, the harder you pull to get them off the worse you are off — unless you don’t mind pulling a few fingers off.

    All this “stinkin thinkin” though isn’t how this country accomplished anything great. So many people these days are acting like depressed teenage girls, its a wonder we all don’t just wait up one morning a commit mass suicide. Dear Bush: You were just to much to handle. I can’t take it anymore. P.S. As well as being in this war…I’m fat & ugly and nobody likes me.

  11. Around the web | Says:

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