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Terror-Free Oil?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Money, The War On Terrorism

That’s what one gas station in Omaha is saying they’ll offer. Certainly a novel idea, but could it go nationwide? From KETV in Omaha reports that a gas station is about to open near 129th and Q streets named Terror Free Oil, and the idea is to offer consumers petroleum products from countries that […]

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The Iraq Roundup

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in The War On Terrorism, War

Taking a look around the infosphere…we’ve got a lot of people saying a lot of different things about Iraq. The most surprising comes from Charles Schumer, who says that Iraq will not be the focus of the 2008 elections… In place of promises for a new tone in Washington or a focus on such issues […]

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Minimum wage bill stalls

By Sean Aqui | Related entries in Economy, General Politics, Legislation, Money, News

The minimum wage bill saw a lot of action in the Senate but few actual results. As promised, Harry Reid let the Republicans propose a line-item veto amendment on the bill. That was rejected 49-48, but could come back up again because that vote was far less than the 60 needed to invoke cloture and […]

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Kerry bows out

By Sean Aqui | Related entries in General Politics, Good Decisions, News

Thank God. And I say that as someone who voted for the doofus in 2004. In my defense, I would have voted for a trained pig if the alternative was another four years of Bush. My vote was a vote against Bush rather than a vote for Kerry. Anyway, this isn’t a big surprise; nobody […]

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Heard About Obama’s Extremist Muslim Education?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Elections, General Politics

Well, CNN debunks it, and they do it the way news organizations should do it…by visiting the school he went to and doing some very basic fact checking. Do note that many on the right, including some Fox News commentators, blamed Hillary for this smear. And while I can’t prove that she didn’t…I can point […]

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John Warner’s War Resolution

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in War

Sure, this second resolution isn’t much more than the symbolic gesture the Dem’s resolution represented, but I like the fact that Warner is offering up one that’s less partisan and that more Republicans can get behind. From NY Times: WASHINGTON, Jan. 22 — Three senators offered a new resolution today against President Bush’s Iraq policy, […]

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Hillary Is Running For President?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Elections, General Politics

What? Since when? Jan. 20, 2006 â€â€? Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., has announced that she is forming an exploratory committee for president, thereby launching a bid to become the first female chief executive of the United States. “I’m in,” she said on a Web site, “And I’m in to win. “As a senator, I […]

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Chavez Gets Dictator Status…For 18 Months

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in The World

Rule by decree? From the BBC: Venezuela’s National Assembly has given initial approval to a bill granting the president the power to bypass congress and rule by decree for 18 months. President Hugo Chavez says he wants “revolutionary laws” to enact sweeping political, economic and social changes. He has said he wants to nationalise key […]

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What’s Going On?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in General Politics, The World, War

Well, I’m glad you asked… Republicans halted ethics legislation yesterday, because they want a line item veto in the mix. However, as John Cole points out, since the line item veto was deemed unconstitutional, they’ve had 6 years to come up with some type of workaround but, as of yet, haven’t… There was no mention […]

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Rolling Back Oil Subsidies

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Environment, Legislation, Money

The House passed the legislation, and now it’s going to the Senate. The details… The House rolled back billions of dollars in oil industry subsidies Thursday in what supporters hailed as a new direction in energy policy toward more renewable fuels. Critics said the action would reduce domestic oil production and increase reliance on imports. […]

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