59% Support Iraq Timeline

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Polls, War

From Pew Research:

A solid majority of Americans say they want their congressional representative to support a bill calling for a withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq by August 2008. Nearly six-in-ten (59%) say they would like to see their representative vote for such legislation, compared with just 33% who want their representative to oppose it.

But what do Republicans think?

Most Republicans oppose this step, but there are substantial divisions within the GOP. More than four-in-ten moderate and liberal Republicans (44%) want their representative to vote for legislation calling for an August 2008 deadline for a troop withdrawal, compared with only about a quarter of conservative Republicans (26%).

Remember when I was talking about those low satisfaction numbers for Congress and, most likely, they had a lot to do with the war?

Well, this poll bears that out…

Nearly three-quarters of Americans (73%) – including 77% of Republicans, 78% of independents and 66% of Democrats – say Congress is doing only a fair or poor job dealing with Iraq. Just 22% say Congress has done an excellent (3%) or good job (19%) in this regard.

FigureFor Democrats, much of this frustration is linked to the sense that Congress has too little influence on Iraq policy, and has not aggressively challenged President Bush’s approach. Most Democrats (56%) believe that Congress should have “a lot of influence” over the direction of U.S. policy in Iraq, and an identical number says that Democratic leaders in Congress have not gone far enough in challenging George W. Bush’s policies.

Many independents share these criticisms – a plurality (41%) says that Democratic leaders in Congress are not going far enough in challenging Bush’s Iraq policies.

More as it develops.

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2 Responses to “59% Support Iraq Timeline”

  1. The Heretik : Traitor Update Says:

    [...] So 59% of Americans are traitors. Or are giving comfort to the enemy. Or something. [...]

  2. James Says:

    The President doesn’t NEED to listen to polls…

    59% of the people support a timeline according to the poll, so the representatives in the house (the voice of the people in DC) should put up support for/against a timeline based on their people’s voice.

    The Senate is the voice of the State and as such should voice for/against a timeline based on their feedback from the State level.

    Then that information should feed through to the President who, again doesn’t technically need to listen to Congress because their role in the grand scheme of things is FUNDING and legislation.

    If Congress wants to force the President (COMMANDER IN CHIEF) to do something along the lines of the war in Iraq… they simply cut off funding.

    The sad thing there is that 100% of the human sludge we have in DC lack the balls to DO what they say they want to.

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