The Equal Rights Amendment lives!

By Sean Aqui | Related entries in Discuss, Gender, Legislation, News

This feels a bit time-warpish, but Congress may try to re-pass (and then urge the states to ratify) the Equal Rights Amendment.

Oh, joy. I always get excited at the prospect of more Phyllis Schlafly (pictured) on my television.

On the one hand, why not? On the other hand, it’s arguable whether such an amendment is even necessary any more, given the current culture and the fact that many states already have laws against gender discrimination.

I do think that some of the “con” arguments advanced in the article are pure scare tactics, however — like the one that says the ERA would require abortions be legal.

I also like how Schlafly has simply updated her list of bogeymen. In the 1970s she said the ERA woud lead to women being drafted and unisex bathrooms. This time around, it will “compel courts to approve same-sex marriages and deny Social Security benefits for housewives and widows.”

Okay, Phyllis. Sure.

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One Response to “The Equal Rights Amendment lives!”

  1. Lewis Says:

    Oh God, please spare me! Please let’s leave the sixties and seventies behind. It’s a brand new century for goodness sake. The world is totally different now. What we thought worked back then (which mostly didn’t work) certainly won’t work now.

    Will we ever get past those golden years over 30 years ago?

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