Michael Moore Gets…Michael Moore’d

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in The Politics Of Film

Manufacturing Dissent is a new documentary about Moore and his tendency to bend the truth to fit into his seemingly predetermined storylines.

The Daily Dish reports on what it’s all about…

The film was produced by two Canadian, self-described liberals, who began as fans of Moore’s movies but in the process of investigating his claims, came to see that he is a self-aggrandizing fraud. The movie is not a right-wing hit job by any means, but a meticulous, carefully constructed case that demolishes not just crucial arguments Moore makes, but also the cynicism behind some of his artistic decisions.

The post points out that you can watch some clips at AOL, but I’d suggest the website I linked to in the title above.

Here’s the larger issue…and it speaks to what the CenterSphere is all about. You can’t be intellectually dishonest for as long as Moore has and not get targeted by earnest people seeking to set the record straight. With every truth he twists to make “fact” more interesting, he trades credibility for cash, and that’s not a sustainable path. He should realize this, and many said he turned a corner with Sicko.

I guess we’ll see…

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