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Why Isn’t Ron Paul Taken More Seriously?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Media, Partisan Hacks, Ron Paul

This is a question I’ve been asking myself lately, especially after he won yet another post-debate poll yesterday. Seriously, it’s puzzling as to why the public or pundits aren’t taking Paul more seriously. Is it because he doesn’t fit into the mold of what a “conservative” is supposed to be anymore? Is it because his […]

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Homeland Security: Not Ready, Too Big

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Homeland Security, The War On Terrorism

The non-partisan Government Accountability Office just released its report about our Department of Homeland Security and the findings aren’t encouraging. From Wash Post: The GAO states that after the largest government merger in more than half a century, the DHS met fewer than half of its performance objectives, or 78 of 171 directives identified by […]

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Obama On The Experience Gap

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack

If there’s one thing about Hillary’s campaign that bugs me the most, it’s this intellectually dishonest “experience gap” nonsense. That’s why I pointed out a couple days ago that the experience gap between Hillary and Obama was a myth because Obama has been a legislator a lot longer than Hillary. He just hasn’t been a […]

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Hsu’s On The Run?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Law, Money

Apparently he didn’t show up for his court date, and that has lead to speculation (by me) that he’s going to head back to China where he should have gone in the early ’90s if he wanted to avoid jail time. First from LA Times: Hsu’s attorney, James Brosnahan, explained that he had lost contact […]

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Disturbing the Hibernation of Uninformed Voters

By Pete Abel | Related entries in News

While discussing the Presidential candidates and party debates with my peers, I find it incredibly frustrating to receive blank stares when I mention names like Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich, or confused looks when I talk about the Hillary-Obama tiff over dialogue with despots, or the three GOP contenders who claim they don’t believe in […]

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1000 Words

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in News

A massive, communal spider web that thousands of spiders shared has been washed away… It is a sad day for spider-lovers. Most of the webs that made national news are gone in Lake Tawakoni State Park — washed and blown away by the storms that hit Hunt County on Friday. But that didn’t stop visitors […]

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Obama Gets The “O” Factor

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Hillary

Could Oprah siphon off enough female support to get Barack nominated? From Wash Post: Oprah Winfrey, the nation’s wealthiest African American and host of an afternoon television program, endorsed Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in May. Now, she is in discussions with his advisers about playing a broader role in the campaign — possibly as a […]

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Larry Craig Back In…Maybe?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in General Politics, Sexuality

More weirdness from the Craig camp… U.S. Sen. Larry Craig says he might reconsider his decision to resign if he clears his name in his arrest for disorderly conduct in a restroom sex scandal. That’s why Craig chose his words carefully during his resignation speech Saturday in Boise, according to a voice mail message he […]

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Is Iraq like Vietnam? Dubious history.

By mw | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Congress, History, Iraq, Military, War

This is the second of three posts examining the question “Is Iraq like Vietnam?” In our last post we concluded this is the wrong question for Americans to ask about our involvement in Iraq now. In this post we look at the President’s historical reference in the speech at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Convention, […]

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Did Bill Richardson Really Say This?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Iowa, Religion

“Iowa, for good reason, for constitutional reasons, for reasons related to the Lord, should be the first caucus and primary.” Really? It struck some Iowans as odd too… “That was a little weird,” said Sioux City resident Joe Shufro. “I don’t know what God had to do with choosing Iowa among other states. I found […]

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