Is Thompson’s Campaign Imploding?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in News

What does it mean when somebody defects to the McCain campaign?

Fred, we hardly knew ye…

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (AP) — Republican Fred Thompson played down a staff member’s departure and a New Hampshire supporter’s defection Wednesday, saying it’s not up to him to know what’s going on at every level of his presidential campaign.
“This is a campaign with a lot of different moving parts and a lot of things going on simultaneously,” Thompson said in an interview with The Associated Press.

Thompson’s campaign recently lost Nelson Warfield, a political media strategist, and New Hampshire Republican Dan Hughes said he had switched to John McCain’s team.

So what’s going on? Well, the GOPers were expecting the second coming of Ronald Reagan and when that didn’t happen…bye bye Fred.

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19 Responses to “Is Thompson’s Campaign Imploding?”

  1. bob in fla Says:

    Fred Thompson appears to be a candidate who wants to be drafted as President, rather than actually have to work for it. Maybe his method is a way to appear humble. Trouble is, no one is buying it.

  2. Jeff in Stl Says:

    Bob, if you think about it clearly, ANY president that has been elected HAS BEEN DRAFTED!!!!!! BY US THE VOTER…..Duh…..Your statement about “no one is buying it” shows your “depth” of thought,,,,,,study a bit more..

    And Justin, do you always write about old news like this slant???? Come on this has been out for quite a few cycles……find some new way to display your bias……Have a nice day

  3. Gus Burk Says:

    Yep, there are a lot of jackasses out there right now praying Thompsons campaign will implode. Hillary’s numbers are dropping is several states including California. This does not bode well for the Democrats and Hillaryland.
    Voters are beginning to pay attention and they appear to like what they hear from Thompson but not Clinton.

  4. Allan S Says:

    According to Rasmussen Polling, (which has high marks) Thompson today is within 3 points matching Giuliani in the poll. That is hardly imploding. The question is meant to make a negative impression on those who haven’t time to read the article…A CLASSIC CHEAP SHOT… POLITICAL JOURNALISM 101!

  5. nora Says:

    Thompson’s quoted as saying that the Iraqi insurgents are a bunch of kids with IEDs. Not that I don’t support our valiant fighting men and women in Iraq, but, uh, did I miss something? Does that mean our vastly superior–in every way–warriors can’t take care of a few snot-nosed kids? Don’t answer that.

  6. somebody Says:

    It was pretty obvious this would happen, ever since we got some of our first glimpses of Fred’s “flair.” What a joke, and anybody with half-a-brain realized this long ago. The funny thing is I keep thinking that Michael Savage was right: it’ll end up being Romney vs. Clinton, and Romney will win by a landslide. Giuliani won’t win over the social conservatives, Clinton is too hated to be elected, and Ron Paul (as much as I want him to win over anyone else) won’t win the GOP nomination nor a 3rd party run (where the best he could do is help Clinton win). God, my predictions are so depressing that I hope I’m wrong. In the end, a Thompson presidency would probably be the best option considering what a lazy oaf he is.

  7. JKHusting Says:

    What campaign?

  8. JKHusting Says:

    And looks like you missed this one:

    He’s losing supporters as well as staff. Maybe he can try out for President in a Movie (or how about a new TV series “Left-Wing, Right Wing, No Wings”).

  9. Willie Says:

    Fred is a mess. Mitt will triumph.

  10. writerman Says:

    Fred Thompson is running a campaign style that is counterintuitive for “political strategists.” He is taking the campaign directly to the voters, because he believes the intelligence, creativity, and will that made America great resides with the people.

    I expect some strategists to fall out, because they only know “the accepted way” to run a campaign. That approach has brought us nothing but republocrats in recent elections.

    Rank and file American voters are tired of it and are ready for someone who can relate to us. If Fred could dump the “campaign trail” and cover the US in his pickup truck, he’d win by a landslide.

  11. Dave P Says:

    Fred Thompson is hardly imploding. Leave it to the liberal media to take something and blow it out of proportion. Fred has a strategy for the primary. Fred was never going to win in New Hampshire and he knew that from the beginning. For Fred to win, he has to take the south and he can certainly do that.

    Once again, people are trying to downplay Fred and the success he is having reaching mainstream America. It scares the Dems because Fred will tell the truth.

    Keep trying to put him down because if he gets the nomination, Hitlerry is in deep trouble!

  12. FZappa Says:

    Who’s Fred Thompson?

  13. frank stitt Says:

    typical left wing crap.
    it will be all over in february; fred the republican nominee and hillary’s worst nightmare.

  14. Wulf Says:

    Does that mean our vastly superior–in every way–warriors can’t take care of a few snot-nosed kids? Don’t answer that.

    Tacking on “don’t answer that” means it was a “grenade question” – you toss it out and then you run away from it because it was not constructive and your position can’t be backed up. It would have been more savvy to ask the question in a way that made it appear serious – you might have caught your opponents investigating the grenade that way, Nora.

  15. somebody Says:

    Lol. Even if Fred wins the nomination by winning the South do any of you actually believe he’ll win the election by winning the South?

  16. Oscar Says:

    Huckabee is surging, which means Romney and Thompson will not get the votes of the religious right.
    Either Huckabee or Guliani will be the nominee. Time to choose sides.

  17. Brian Says:

    “Either Huckabee or Guliani will be the nominee.”
    Get real! Libertarians and fiscal conservatives will not vote for the Huckster. Social conservatives and libertarians will not vote for Rudy.

    Fred Thompson and Ron Paul are the only two candidates who can unite the fiscal and social conservatives and bring in crossover independent votes while still keeping their base.

  18. mike mcEachran Says:

    Bush’s presidency was an IED on the roadside of the Republican run for the 08 Presidency. In the aftermath, do you really think the country is willing to take a chance on another lazy, not very intelligent good-ole-boy-you’d-like-to-have-a-beer-with? Not hooker’s chance in church. I love watching the repub’s scrambling to justify a crappy stable of candidates. Please, please nominate Thompson.

  19. Big Freddie Says:

    So Donklephant is making a whooping and a hollering about Nelson Warfield leaving my campaign cause he was upset about my lack of effort in media affairs. Leaving Big Freddie for lack of effort is like leaving John McCain for lack of sanity. Ain’t never was none, ain’t never gonna be…

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