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There’s an App for That! Use a Goal Tracker to Help You Follow Through on Your NY’s Resolutions

Are you one of the 53% of people that hoped to save money this year? Or perhaps you made a New Year’s resolution to travel more, like 24% of people? Or maybe you wanted to acquire a new skill set. 

New Year’s resolutions are awesome. They range from the complex (find love) to the simple (read more books). They’re motivating, exciting, and progressive.

That is if you follow through with them!

Sometimes that can be a little more difficult than you’d expect. Life gets in the way, and before you know it, you’re back to your Netflix habit, neglecting the book on your end table.

But there’s a way to avoid that disappointment. And it involves using something you already use every day – your smartphone.

If the above sounds like you, you’re the perfect candidate for a goal tracker. There are many different apps for this! Here are some of our favorites!


1. Streaks

The Streaks app is a “to-do list that helps you form good habits.” It allows you to track your progress on up to 12 different goals. 

If you’re consistent, you’ll find yourself on a streak. Consistency allows you to form good, healthy habits. If you fall behind, your streak reverts back to zero.

Let that 0 be a motivation to walk your dog, drink six glasses of water, or meal-prep for the week.

2. Lifetick

The Lifetick app uses SMART goal-setting. This works to ensure you’ll have the highest level of success at work, school, and more.

What is SMART goal setting?

Specific (or practical)
Measurable (or inspiring)
Relevant (or reasonable, sensible) 
Time-bound (or well-timed, time-sensitive)

In other words, the perfect formula for crushing your daily goals!

3. Goals

This feature on Google Calendar will ensure that you’re a couch potato no more!

It’s simple!

Create a goal and choose how much time you hope to spend on it per week. Google Calendar will set aside time for you to achieve that goal. If you miss your window, Calendar will automatically reschedule it for you.

4. Habitbull

This app is a premium habit tracker. It allows you to create new, better habits while abolishing your old, unhealthy ones.

This app is navigable and catered to its audience. The makers listen to user feedback and use their input to improve the app on a regular basis.


Ever wished you could have a coach follow you around every day to motivate and inspire you? With the app, you’re getting exactly that.

They offer three different styles of help: habit tracking, habit coaching, and leadership coaching. 

With habit coaching, you’ll have access to over 700 coaches who are ready to help you achieve your goals. With leadership coaching, you can “achieve career success” through a structured, informative program.

Use a Goal Tracker to Crush Your Goals

Using a goal tracker makes you a goalkeeper (and no, not the soccer variety – unless that was one of your resolutions).

We’re talking about holding yourself accountable. Being a better, fuller, more well-rounded individual. One who checks off everything on their to-do lists and smiles with accomplishment.

And we can all use a little more of that in our lives.

Speaking of resolutions. With all the free time and creativity that 2019 is bringing you, why not make your own app? We show you how to create your own here!

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