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1000 Words

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I’ve posted some new pictures at the bottom of the page. Enjoy. Courtesy of TheNewsRoom. Tweet

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Is Thompson’s Campaign Imploding?

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What does it mean when somebody defects to the McCain campaign? Fred, we hardly knew ye… MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (AP) — Republican Fred Thompson played down a staff member’s departure and a New Hampshire supporter’s defection Wednesday, saying it’s not up to him to know what’s going on at every level of his presidential campaign. […]

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So Ron Paul Won’t Make A 3rd Party Run, Eh?

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I found this over at Political Insider… During an MSNBC interview Wednesday, Rep. Ron Paul was asked if he would run for president as a third-party candidate. Paul replied, “No, I don’t plan to run in a third party. That’s not my goal. But if we have a candidate that loves the war and loves […]

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We Could Have Killed Osama…Again…

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Yet another story about missing the big fish, this time from Col. David Hunt… We know, with a 70 percent level of certainty — which is huge in the world of intelligence — that in August of 2007, bin Laden was in a convoy headed south from Tora Bora. We had his butt, on camera, […]

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Ron Paul is bigger than RedState.

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While Ron Paul’s large growing popularity continues to surge and thrust ever upward, RedState’s flaccid popularity seems small, shrunken, perhaps even impotent by comparison.

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Bush Spends More Than LBJ?

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You can say you’re one thing all you want, but if the evidence proves otherwise… From McClatchy: WASHINGTON — George W. Bush, despite all his recent bravado about being an apostle of small government and budget-slashing, is the biggest spending president since Lyndon B. Johnson. In fact, he’s arguably an even bigger spender than LBJ. […]

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Why Did Ban Ron Paul Talk?

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That’s right. The conservative version of Daily Kos just banned all talk of him over at their site. So why did they take such heavy handed measures? Were they simply just annoyed? Scared? A little bit of both? Ed Morrissey tries to sort it out… It’s their community, of course, and they set the rules. […]

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Stephen Colbert Polls Higher Than Biden and Richardson?

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Heh…sounds like a couple guys need to do some serious thinking about their campaigns. From E&P: NEW YORK He’s been “in” the race for less than a week, and already faux-pundit Stephen Colbert has surged ahead of longtime candidate Gov. Bill Richardson in one national poll gauging the race for the Democratic nod for president. […]

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September/October Content Gone Forever

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Yep, my hosting company just told me that they couldn’t find my lost files in their backups and so it’s gone forever. That’s a good month and a half’s worth of work that just went poof! Needless to say I will be backing things up every night and this will never happen again. But at […]

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Brownback Out

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Well, this one slipped by me as the site was being destroyed and then cobbled back together. From the KC Star: An emotional Brownback on Friday formally ended his bid at a statehouse news conference, saying his “Yellow Brick Road just came up short of the White House this time.” Asked about running for governor […]

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