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Last Call

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Over at TMV Pete Abel has put in his last call for moderate Republicans and Independents to sign The Letter (full text below). Simply put if you believe that America would benefit from a more moderate Republican party please take the time to sign it by emailing Pete at December 3, 2007 House Republican […]

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Weekly Standard Dreams Of Upset Scenario

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And it could happen, but some Republicans might not be so easily persuaded. First, the scenario… Let me sketch one potential scenario: Huckabee wins the Iowa caucus (which is what would happen if the election were today). Romney is second. Rudy is third and Thompson fourth. Huckabee surges into New Hampshire and his communications skills […]

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Surprising Donklephant Poll Result

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These results come from our Vizu polling module located in the center sidebar. 13% of you wouldn’t vote for a woman in any case? Really? And 4.5% of your aren’t sure? Huh. Tweet

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Ethanol Exposed

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It’s not the lifeline many think, and that meme is gaining steam. From WSJ: Little over a year ago, ethanol was winning the hearts and wallets of both Main Street and Wall Street, with promises of greater U.S. energy independence, fewer greenhouse gases and help for the farm economy. Today, the corn-based biofuel is under […]

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You’ve Heard Of The Ron Paul Blimp…

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But have you heard of the Ron Paul Mini Blimp? All they need is $350,000,000 to help with the shrinking technology, which is apparently very expensive. Donate here to make it a reality! Tweet

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The Most Important Question Ron Paul Supporters Have To Ask Themselves

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Okay Paulites, I know you want to win the GOP nomination and reshape the Republican party. And trust me, I hope that happens. But with Huckabee pulling into the lead in Iowa, and so many other candidates fragmenting the field in early primary states, the likelihood of Paul winning is getting less and less with […]

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Did Hillary Plant CNN/YouTube Debate Question?

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By now you’ve probably heard that the biggest news about the CNN/YouTube debate wasn’t the candidate’s answers, but Retired Brig. Gen. Keith H. Kerr and his question about the “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell.” policy. Folks, the question itself was poignant. There’s no doubt about that. All over the world, gay men and women are allowed […]

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[Re-published from This liveblog on Donklephant will be updated periodically. For the latest please visit the active liveblog at] 7:02: And we are ready. 1 hour to go until tonight’s CNN/YouTube Republican Debate. The participants will be: Mitt Romney, Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, Ron Paul, Duncan Hunter, Mike Huckabee, Tom Tancredo and Fred […]

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Huckabee Has A Shot At Winning Iowa

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A new poll says he’s leading. And folks, he’s for real and the support he has is real too. I’ve gathered this not only from the thigns I’ve read, but also from talking to family members who live in Iowa and are going to vote for him. This is grassroots, “we trust this guy” type […]

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African Americans More Favorable Towards Clinton

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By 9% over Obama according to a recent poll. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. I’ll explain after the jump. From Politico: Six weeks out from the first round of presidential voting, Hillary Rodham Clinton gets better reviews than Barack Obama among African-American voters, a crucial voting bloc in Democratic politics, a new poll shows. The survey […]

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