Ron Paul Doesn’t Know How To Spend His Money?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Money, Ron Paul, Video

He’s joking of course, but I have to wonder how true it is when you have ramp up so quickly after a massive amount of cash you really didn’t count on just gets dumped in your lap.

(h/t: Ft. Hard Knox)

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2 Responses to “Ron Paul Doesn’t Know How To Spend His Money?”

  1. Stark Says:

    The campaign apparently has some plans seeing that they’ve contacted previous donors and let them know in no uncertain terms that they need funds ASAP in order to buy more airtime in the early primary states.

    This may or may not detract from the next couple of “money bomb” events; I know a lot of contributors are giving what they can as early as they can (trying to meet the quarter goal by the end of November) while saving a little aside to make a statement with the December 16th event.

    The December 16th event will likely become a key gauge for us ‘dark horse’ backers of whether or not any broadening in the contributor base is occurring.

  2. Agnostick Says:

    I have never, ever contributed to a presidential campaign in my life.

    I will put something in the pot for December 16th money bomb. Might only be $5 or $10, but I will find a Ron Paul representative in my area and make a contribution on that day.

    [email protected]

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