Huckabee Wins? Ron Paul Could Tie For 3rd?

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There’s no way I’m calling it this early, but that’s what CNN is reporting. Huck is about 10% ahead of Romney, and that’s because 60% of the GOP voters who came out tonight were evangelicals. Big, big night for Huckabee and a big disappointment for Romney.

Surprise of the night? Fred Thompson, followed closely by McCain and Ron Paul. Not taking 3rd would be a pretty big disappointment for Ron Paul followers, but if 3rd place is essentially a 3-way tie, that could set him and McCain up for a showdown next week in New Hampshire.

But do note how CNN doesn’t even mention that Ron Paul is running right behind McCain…

With 25 percent of precincts reporting, Huckabee had the support of 35 percent of voters, compared to 24 percent for Mitt Romney. Fred Thompson had 14 percent and John McCain had 12.

Come on guys…do you really want the Paulites calling you biased? Paul is at 11% right now. Get with the program.

NBC is now projecting Huckabee as the winner too. Wow, what a story. This is bad, bad, bad news for Romney.

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14 Responses to “Huckabee Wins? Ron Paul Could Tie For 3rd?”

  1. Scott Says:

    The questionable thing that is happening right now is Giuliani. With 25% of precincts reporting, Giuliani was way behind Paul (11% to 3% I think). Then… with 41% reporting, Giuliani suddenly leapfrogged to 11% and Ron Paul dropped to 10%. Looking at the county breakdowns, it looks like Giuliani had a landslide victory in Linn County. 3500 votes / 50%. Really? I think that county needs a recount.

  2. Scott Says:

    Ah… they just fixed it. Giuliani just lost a bunch of votes with 65% reporting… and he’s back at 4%.

  3. mike Says:

    HUGE Ron Paul turnout in DBQ. Mainly Paul and Romney.

  4. Juan Valladares Says:


    The fix is in. Now put your “Not-Logic” thinking cap on…Nothing negative on how poorly “Ghoul”iani is doing….and he is the GOP front-runner?
    Huckabee is gonna lose…unions will crush him for crossing picket lines on Leno, we will never have a President “Mitt”, Fred Thompson…out!!! McCain is too short and loves the war, Ron Paul is the man for the job but the MSM continues to censor him. That leaves Giuliani. Running mate… Jeb Bush….I am moving to New Zealand. I am disgusted with this country.

  5. Chilton Says:

    Some of the more populated Iowa counties may take awhile to come in. Others have reported starting an hour late. I live across the street from a populated precinct location and the people just let out. I suspect you’ll see things shake up a bit as the results roll in. The results haven’t been announced but I’m writing up a report right now that puts what I saw and my colleagues saw as Ron Paul around 15-18% and Romney beating out Huckabee. Again, that’s just from what we saw.

  6. Juan Valladares Says:

    They gave Rudy five minutes of airtime with positive spin even though he is the big loser tonight. Mark my words….Giuliani and Jeb will be next puppets.

  7. Pleefer Says:

    Just a question here. Why (on CNN) is it showing that almost 100% of precincts are in for Democrats and only 70% or so for Republicans? Aren’t they held in the same buildings? I’m just uninformed I guess.

  8. Tim Says:

    Rudy and Jeb ARE COMPLETE MORONS……

  9. Juan Valladares Says:

    Yeah, and isn’t the Dems caucusing process more complicated than Reps? Hmmm? THE FIX IS IN, BOYS and GIRLS…. THE GAME IS RIGGED… Take the red pill and wake up!!!

  10. Juan Valladares Says:

    Billary just shamelessly plugged her book and shamelessly said that “force should be only used as a last resort.. not a first resort.” A beautiful portrait framed by Slick Willy and Albright at her side…AAAAAWWWWWW!!!!!

  11. Juan Valladares Says:

    That’s why they will be perfect for prez and vice. Really think about it.

  12. Paul MacKinnon Says:

    Juan -
    I’m sure most of my fellow New Zealanders would love to have you down here, but if the idea of Hillary in the Whitehouse makes you nauseas, you wouldn’t like it here either. We’re cursed with a thieving, controlling, interfering socialist government led by Hillary’s sister, and most people with any initiative are making plans to live someplace else. Some of us have been taking a keen interest in Dr. Ron because freedom smells as sweet to us as it does to you, and his example gives us hope that we might be able to start the same wonderful fire.
    - Mac.

  13. Michael & Donna Says:

    My wife and I are now leaning more towards Ron Paul ever since we found out about youtube. We love that site!

    Thank you.

  14. a Rocket Scientist Says:

    Sure, Lets’s talk about all these scientific selective polls of ignorant voters by the Main Stream Media. Ron Paul beats them all in Iowa. But, that is all the media has talked about for the last year and how Rudy is way out in front. Or, was that last place?

    Give me a break, all you poll watchers. All the free press given to Rudy in last place. Must have been about a billion dollars worth, or more. Last place. But look a how much accurate these so-called scientific polls are.


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