Who Takes Money From Lobbyists?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Money

The answer?

Nearly everybody…

Hillary Clinton: $567,950
John McCain: $340,365
Mitt Romney: $229,475
Rudolph W. Giuliani: $212,100
Fred Thompson: $90,000
Barack Obama: $76,859
Duncan Hunter: $30,900
John Edwards: $18,900
Mike Huckabee: $6,964
Ron Paul: $0
Dennis Kucinich: $0

By the way, some of the people who dropped out took money too, but I cut the list down for ease of use. One could argue that Kucinch or Hunter really aren’t in the race anymore, but they’re still polling in some places. Paul is definitely still pulling support, but not a ton.

However, Mike Gravel and Alan Keyes do not make the list because they weren’t serious in the first place. Sorry guys. Better luck next time.

Found via Open Secrets.

I’ve edited the above text a bit, but the biggest change is that I added the word “nearly” before “everybody” because I neglected to put it in there after I inserted Paul and Kucinich’s names. My apologies for the confusion.

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7 Responses to “Who Takes Money From Lobbyists?”

  1. AmericanAtheist Says:

    HAHA RP AND DK zero? No wonder these clowns are losing. Damn, take that blood money. I personally Like Romney, look at the TAKE!!!!

    Hopefully after he gets elected he can throw me some government work for my $2300

    It’s the way of the world. How do you think I can afford my lifestyle!!

  2. Tony Says:

    Seems like the more politically extreme the candidate is, the less money they take from lobbyists. Odd.

  3. Elisabetta Says:

    Hillary is extreme and she is polling numero 1.

    Couple of factors to consider, in the event she got back in the Oval office, this time with full authority of the position.
    Our taxes would skyrocket and EVERY American would be required to provide proof of insurance BEFORE applying for a job!?

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  6. Pages tagged "alan keyes" Says:

    [...] influencing the decisions of record companies, directors, and TV networks. Join Hey Nielsen! Who Takes Money From Lobbyists? saved by 5 others     panther630 bookmarked on 01/17/08 | [...]

  7. joyce smith Says:


    [3rd try to post]

    which lobbyists does/did edwards take money from?
    specifically, corporations (or their front groups)?
    or, whom?

    thank you.

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