Mitt Romney’s Really Cute Baby Grandson

By John Tomlin | Related entries in Discuss, Romney, South Carolina, United States, Video

Yesterday I went to a Mitt Romney rally at the University of South Carolina. At the very beginning, the former Massachusetts governor/ champion of family values displayed his unbelievably cute baby grandson to the crowd.

Sorry for the sarcasm, its just my nature. Anyway, what do you think…was Governor Romney using the child as a prop to promote his family values image, or was he just proudly showing off his beautiful baby grandson? I think a little bit of both.

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3 Responses to “Mitt Romney’s Really Cute Baby Grandson”

  1. grandmatk Says:

    This is way too cute!

    I understand your need to up chuck; you obviously don’t have children of your own. Once you have your own child…you’ll understand a lot more. I don’t mean to patronize it’s just true.

    Don’t worry in a few years you understand what I’m talking about.

  2. dentist in Las vegas Says:

    I think that Mitt was just being Mitt. He does have a cute grandson and so I am sure he just wants to show him off. I love showing off my grandchildren whenever I have the chance.

  3. dentist in Las vegas Says:

    Mitt romney is an all around good guy. I love my grandkids and I love showing them off also.

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