Bill Clinton Discounts Obama’s South Carolina Win

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Billary, South Carolina, Video

Watch the following video and ask yourself why he’s comparing Obama’s win to Jesse Jackson’s wins in 1984 and 1988.

Obviously it was just because both Obama and Jesse share similar political views. It’s not about both of them being black. Not at all. Because Bill Clinton doesn’t ever play racial politics. No way, no how.

Sully sees it too…

I don’t think there can be any doubt about the Clintons’ racial strategy now. The people of South Carolina just rejected that logic by voting for Obama – white and black, male and female – in a diverse coalition in the face of a deliberate attempt at racial polarization. They threw the Clintons’ logic back in their faces.

As does Publius…

Seems pretty clear to me — Clinton is implying that Obama won because he’s black, just like Jackson did. And, his larger implication is that this victory doesn’t matter for that reason. Now, he seems to catch himself halfway through, but the implication seems clear.

I think this last comment is dead on, because you can really notice Bill thinking, “Did I actually just say it didn’t matter because of race? Better compliment Obama now…”

(h/t:TPM Election Central)

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