Huckabee Destroys McCain In Kansas Caucuses

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Now this is interesting because what it signals is that GOP voters aren’t automatically going to fall in line with Super Tuesday results. And so Huckabee is sticking in there, gaining delegates and maybe ensuring that he gets the VP spot.

From TPM Election Central:

In what will likely be taken as a sign of Republican Party disunity, presumptive nominee John McCain has lost this afternoon’s Kansas caucuses to Mike Huckabee — and it wasn’t even close. With 88% reporting, Huck has 60% to McCain’s 24%, followed by Ron Paul at 11%. Huckabee will almost certainly win all 36 of the delegates up for grabs.

McCain can’t lose this badly to Huckabee much more, but given the upcoming schedule he may not have to worry about it. Not a lot of seemingly “Huck friendly” states in the mix.

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8 Responses to “Huckabee Destroys McCain In Kansas Caucuses”

  1. William Swann Says:

    Yep. Tully called it over on Stubborn Facts, and shares a bit about what the caucus experience was like.

  2. Polimom Says:

    Considering we’re talking about Kansas here, I’m not reading much into it. This is, as I recall, one of those states that wants to put creationism in the science curriculum…

  3. Prince of Thrift Says:

    After endorsing Huckabee on all 3 of the blogs that I write for as well as one of the local papers, I went to the Topeka Huckabee rally yesterday and actually got to talk to the man. Then this morning, I went to the caucuses and cast my vote for Huckabee.

    I did so proudly.

  4. Agnostick Says:

    So, Prince of Thrift… you actually advocate and support a presidential candidate that would abolish the First Amendment? Perhaps even the Constitution itself?

    How do you sleep?

    [email protected]

  5. Agnostick Says:

    So, Prince of Thrift, you advocate and support a presidential candidate who would abolish the First Amendment? Perhaps even the Constitution itself?

    How do you sleep?

    [email protected]

  6. Prince of Thrift Says:

    Agnostick -

    If you were to actually read the endorsement what I wrote as well as what I have said on the morning talk show that you have listened to and responded on his blog, then you would know that my issues are economics and education which Huckabee is very strong on.

    As for your assertion be careful of believing a sound bite that is taken out of context.

  7. Agnostick Says:

    Thanks for the answer, Prince. Huckabee may be strong in those areas you mention, but I’m not ready have a flat tax, at the expense of a “state religion.” Economically, I think there can be no doubt that the strongest candidate the Republicans have/had is/was Ron Paul.

    As to the sound bite I quoted, it’s all over the place. It’s textually reproduced on web pages, in blogs… online publications of all sorts. There are even clips of it available on YouTube.

    If you know where a “full transcript” or “complete video” of that speech can be had, I’d love to see it, read it for myself.

    Even in the context of talking about, say, abortion (which I feel should be legal, rare, and heavily-regulated) and same-sex marriage (not bothered by it in the least), Huckabee’s take on the Constitution sounds a little too much like some of those Islamic clerics we’ve been fighting overseas since 2001.

    Again, if there’s a video showing Huckabee’s full speech that day in Michigan, or at least the question from the audience that prompted his answer, I’d love to see it.

    [email protected]

    P.S. Not sure what “morning talk show” you’re referring to. I’m pretty much an NPR person… have been for many years. I occasionally surf AM talk radio when I need a laugh, though. ;)

  8. Prince of Thrift Says:

    Steve Foreman’s program that i have seen you on his blog

    formally at

    I used to see and hear your name quite frequently, in fact if I remember correctly you and I exchanged emails, for a short time, 4 or 5 years ago from the older blog.

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