Maine Caucus For Democrats Today

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Just remember. 24 delegates at stake. Very important to both candidates, especially with Barack taking everything yesterday. He’s suppose to have a built-in advantage because he owns the caucuses so far, except for Nevada, so we’ll see how it shakes out.

More as it develops.

Looks like the weather could be a factor today…

Democrats had expected heavy participation at the caucuses, but up to 8 inches of snow were expected across much of the state with Arctic cold when many of the gatherings were scheduled. Even so, the Democrats started Sunday with more than 4,000 absentee ballots in hand.

Yeah, but I’m sure they’re used to bad weather up there. Expect record turnouts.

Looks like one of the papers up there didn’t endorse, but gave Barack high marks…

While not an outright endorsement, the Bangor Daily News today said that Barack Obama is better positioned to govern in the White House than Hillary Clinton.

The major newspaper in Maine, where Democrats caucus on Sunday with 24 precious delegates at stake, said while Clinton has touted her experience, it is “mostly peripheral to the actual business of governing.”

“Sen. Obama does not equivocate about his lack of governmental experience, and instead argues that because of it he is idealistic and not jaded about what can be achieved by government. Experience in government is important, but so is the ability to govern across party lines,” the editorial said.

Hmm, wonder why they didn’t endorse somebody.

Hill has support in the state…

Maine has been bombarded with news about Clinton’s victory in New Hampshire, and the “Baldacci Machine” — Gov. John Baldacci — is in her corner.

As Massachusetts and Washington showed us, Governors can be much more important than Senators. Hillary had both Senators from Washington, but Barack won with the Governor. Barack had Kerry and Kennedy in Mass, and we know what happened there.

Long story short, this isn’t an automatic win for Obama.

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One Response to “Maine Caucus For Democrats Today”

  1. TerenceC Says:

    He’s going to lose – the population of Maine is a Hillary demographic in and of itself – loaded with virtually legions of the DV’s, old ladies, and gay couples. Occasionally a lumber jack or 2, and some ex politicians. Does that all sound suitably cynical enough?

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