Obama’s Responds To Hillary’s “Debate” Ad

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Hillary, Video

I blogged about this recently, and here’s Obama’s cake walk retort.

Long story short, Hill’s camp threw him a hanging curve and he easily hit a stand up double. If I’m in Obama’s media camp I’m begging for more like this. Please, please, please.

And apparently Hillary’s ad team and message team are warring…

But the campaign has something of a shellshocked feel, as staffers privately chew over a blowup last week where internal frictions flared into the open. Clinton campaign operatives say it happened as top Clinton advisers gathered in Arlington, Va., campaign headquarters to preview a TV commercial. “Your ad doesn’t work,” strategist Mark Penn yelled at ad-maker Mandy Grunwald. “The execution is all wrong,” he said, according to the operatives.

“Oh, it’s always the ad, never the message,” Ms. Grunwald fired back, say the operatives. The clash got so heated that political director Guy Cecil left the room, saying, “I’m out of here.”

Being that I am actually in the marketing field I will comment that Hill’s ads always seem professionally executed, but the message they contain is oftentimes easily dismissed. So I’m with Grundwald here…this falls back on Mark Penn’s shoulders. In fact, I think he’ll ultimately be seen as the new Bob Shrum, and if you know anything about Bob Shrum, well, that’s not a compliment.

Let’s take their new messaging of Hillary being in the “solutions” business and Barack being in the “promises” business, which is just another clumsy variation on the “experience v. hope” thing they’ve been unsuccessfully pushing throughout their campaign. What’s so goofy and misguided about “solutions v. promises” is that your average voter knows that politicians are in the business of creating a platform and offering that as their vision for America. Nobody has delivered on anything yet at this time…i.e., they’re ALL promises. So Mark and company have once again put Hillary in a logically precarious position with their messaging.

We’ll see what happens in the coming days. My guess is Mark may get the boot, but if she’s stuck with him this long it may be too late to bring in anybody else.

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2 Responses to “Obama’s Responds To Hillary’s “Debate” Ad”

  1. mw Says:

    Good ad. Much better than Clinton’s. Impressive that they could respond so quickly.

    One question – Since you said that Clinton was going negative with her ad, does this mean that Obama has gone negative also?

  2. Bob Says:

    Of course Saint Obama didn’t do anything wrong, he’s the man of change you know.

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