Can Chris Peden Beat Ron Paul?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Ron Paul, Texas

Wonkette has an exclusive interview with the man who Ron Paul refuses to debate

Here’s Peden on Paul the Congressman…

His voting record is … it’s horrid — 351 pieces of legislation he sponsored, six came out of committee, and none have ever passed. And if you go back and look, he just regurgitates the same pieces of legislation. “Restore the Second Amendment.” What does that mean, exactly?

But that’s his bill, and two years later he submits the bill again. He just keeps reprinting these and throwing them out there. And now he doesn’t even get any cosponsors on many of his bills. [With] many of his amendments, he’s called out of order on the floor for even putting the amendment in, because he doesn’t follow the rules of operation in the House.

He’s up there to make a point, not a difference. He wants to be called out of order because then it’s unique and it’s unusual, and he gets press, or at least Roll Call will say “Here he goes again.” But you know, if you do that once a year or once a term, it works. If you do it three or four times a day, it gets old.

So what about the Roniacs? How have they treated Peden?

Well, a few of them have apparently threatened him, but when called upon to tell his supporters to knock it off, Paul did so. But this paragraph sounds very familiar…

We did contact Ron and tell Ron to put out there that they should stop it. And they did, we didn’t get any more calls after that. He had nothing to do with it, he didn’t orchestrate it, he’s not that kind of a guy. His supporters still call the campaign office, and they have their talking points. They all call and say the exact same thing over and over again.

And over and over and over…

That’s really the tragic thing about the Paul campaign. Sure, there were some nuts in there, but there are nuts in every campaign. But Paul didn’t marginalize them and so they began to define the campaign instead of being a bizarre, shunned sideshow.

One last note, I’m not endorsing Peden over Paul. Frankly, I probably agree a lot more with Paul on the issues than I do Peden. But the fact that Paul won’t even debate this guy after crying foul so stridently on the campaign trail when he was only polling in the single digits should show you exactly what kind of politician Paul really is.

And so it goes…

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2 Responses to “Can Chris Peden Beat Ron Paul?”

  1. Mythic Mystic Says:

    Paul said he WOULD debate Peden. Where did you get the idea that he wouldn’t, from Peden?

  2. Roald Dahl Says:

    Why in the world would Dr. Ron Paul debate with that lying Neocon?

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