Who Do You Dream About?

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I went up to Hillary Clinton and said, Thank you for running, it means a lot to us. She rolled her eyes in this weird way so that I couldn’t tell if she was rolling her eyes because she was moved by what I said and was trying not to cry, or if she was rolling her eyes in the Bitch, please, I know you like Barack sense.

So in the dream I turned to my mother and asked her opinion. I don’t know, my mother said, but she has beautiful skin up close. And she did, too.

Or Barack?

Barack Obama hadn’t been seen in a few days, and all the commentators were wondering where he was and why he wasn’t out campaigning. Then suddenly he shows up at a Clinton rally, and he’s campaigning for her all of a sudden. He gives this great speech about how excited he is to be on Hillary’s side. I turn to the people I’m with and ask, Did she brainwash him?

My question, Where’s the site about the Ron Paul dreamers?

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One Response to “Who Do You Dream About?”

  1. Agnostick Says:

    As a former “Ron Paul dreamer,” I feel like I was kicked to the curb by the cold, hard reality of a candidate who didn’t want his “revolution” to “evolve” into something that would reinvigorate the momentum created by all the people who gave millions of dollars in “money bombs,” a blimp launch, etc.

    I travel roughly the same route whenever I have to deliver or retrieve my daughter to/from her daycare provider. The past couple of days, I’ve noticed a house: older, well-constructed, nice lawn and landscaping.

    They still have a Ron Paul yard sign out front.

    I really wonder what these folks are thinking. Do they not know that Ron Paul no longer wants their vote? That the only votes Paul wants anymore, are those of his itty-bitty congressional district down in Texas?

    I hope these people come to their senses by November 2nd, and cast their votes for somebody who actually wants it. I generally don’t believe in the concept of the “wasted vote.” I don’t think any vote is “wasted,” as long as it’s cast for somebody that actually wants it.

    Ron Paul does not want my vote anymore. So why not dream about something nice?

    [email protected]

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