She’s Running For VP

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Hillary

It’s been well established that Hillary can’t win this thing outright. She knows she can’t get more pledged delegates, and she knows if she tries to take the superdelegate route it could very well fracture the party. She also knows that trying to seat Michigan and Florida, or even trying to redo them in a quick, haphazard fashion would be a no go with the DNC.

So…she’s running for VP now. And she’ll force his hand because either he makes her the VP choice or he’ll keep getting bloodied up by her “kitchen sink” strategy…a strategy that is proving to be effective.

Strategically this makes even more sense if you think about Hillary wanting to be President. She can ride the Obama wave into the White House, serve 8 years as VP and then run for President after that. OR, if Obama has four years, and then loses in 2012, she can run in 2016. OR, if the Obama movement stalls and McCain somehow pulls this one out, she can run again on the “I told you so” platform in 2012. All three scenarios are viable. I think that’s why she’s talking about the “Dream Ticket” concert series now, because she knows he could be open to ending this thing.

And I will say that as much as I dislike Hillary, if Obama is the prez choice, he’d still be my first pick over McCain. If she had the top spot and Obama was the VP, I wouldn’t be so sure.

Food for thought.

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6 Responses to “She’s Running For VP”

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  3. ExiledIndependent Says:

    I’m not sure that her ambitions could withstand a VP spot. Emotionally I think this would be a very difficult decision for her to go with.

  4. TerenceC Says:

    There is absolutely no way she is running for VP – she would see the destruction of the party before she takes that route. She truly believes the Presidency is hers by right – she would never compromise. What would make you think she would ever offer a pragmatic compromise? Why would Obama do it? She needs him – he doesn’t need her. There is a huge percentage of Obama voters who are independent or Republican, they wouldn’t vote for Hillary – ever – they would vote McCain or even Nader rather than seeing a Dualesidency in the White House again. i think we saw a dead cat bounce from the Clinton Campaign…..this will play out and she will lose the nomination by a whisker (unless the FL MI parties have a “do over” then it wil get ugly).

  5. axt113 Says:

    Unlikely, I don’t see her taking a back seat to Obama, nor do I see Obama taking on her baggage. She wants to be president and she doesn’t care if the party suffers for it

  6. Donklephant » Blog Archive » Dean: Superdelegates Should Decide By July 1st Says:

    [...] An aide clarified his statements by saying what he really meant was that he wants this wrapped up before the convention. But hasn’t Hillary been very vocally talking about taking this fight to the credentials committee? [...]

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