I Just Got My $600 Stimulus

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bush, Money

And I feel better already.

Thank you George!

Now about those food and gas and housing prices…

I just stimulated Souperman in KC and Scooter’s for a large cup of joe.

What are you stimulating?

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8 Responses to “I Just Got My $600 Stimulus”

  1. gerryf Says:

    Yahoo! Quick, go stimulate something! According to ACSwe’re not quite in recession yet so if you blow it all on some cheap crap from China we might be able to save the economy yet!

    Go man, go! Fight terrorism! Shop!

    (i find myself slipping deeper and deeper into sarcasm these days)

  2. Nelson Says:

    If people do the smart thing and shore up their finances by paying down personal debt, the refund will be a good thing*. The government borrows money cheaper than most normal citizens. So if normal citizens use this money to pay off high interest personal debt now they will benefit. Increased taxes in the future to pay back cheap public debt will be less expensive than carrying higher interest private debt over the same period.

    *Of course, the same people with a lot of high interest debt are usually that way because they don’t make smart financial decisions in the first place. So this whole argument could be moot.

  3. djthedj Says:

    Gee, since we had to borrow the money for this moronic give away (bribe) the value of the dollar should drop just about as much as what we spend. Republican economics at it’s finest.

  4. Rich Says:

    djthedj…the dems signed on to this by an overwhelming margin, too. “Sniper target” Hillary and “I just sat in church, but didn’t listen” Obama-mama voted for it, too!!

  5. Erik Sickinger Says:

    Rich fact checking that: both Barack and Hillary abstained from the vote.


  6. Rob Says:

    Because they’re too cowardly to vote against it or too busy to do their job?

    If either were actually against it, they would have voted against it.

  7. Erik Sickinger Says:

    Rob: This isn’t necessarily a binary distinction. I could just as well ask, “because they were too square, or too cool?” But you and I both know thats a faulty argument. As was yours.

    Its not fair to equate abstaining on a vote to being “for” a particular bill.

    There are many real, legitimate, reasons (and many not so) for one to abstain from a vote.

  8. Dr. Saturn Says:

    Gold baby, pure gold.

    www (dot) goldmoney (dot) com

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