It’s over Hillary

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One Response to “It’s over Hillary”

  1. mike mcEachran Says:

    1. The protracted Democratic primary is bad for the party. – More than one pundit has noted how the long primary battle has given Obama much needed gravitas which he did not have when this started. He’s beating the Clinton machine for gods sake. Billary has helped make Obama. Not to mention the fact that the media has all but ignored McCain for months.
    2. Hillary is hurting the party by staying in the race. Bologna. Her presence is keeping the focus on the Dems and the Dem’s issues. Besides, this is a democracy, and several states haven’t voted yet. They should, and we should want them to.
    3. Hillary looks foolish staying in the race. More bologna. She looks like a committed fighter. Would we want a president who throws in the towel, or one that fights on? She is standing up for her supporters and keeping their interests in the headlines. She looks presidential.
    4. The party needs time to heal. – We’ll get that. Starting in June.
    5. She has so polarized the party, that we’re in danger of losing the general election. Bunk. There is plenty of time for Barack to win over Hillary supporters. If they’re not blatantly racist (as a huge percentage of West Verginians themselves admitted in exit polls )- they’ll give Barack a honest look and almost certainly be won over. HIllary will wholeheartidly support Barrack.
    6. She’s in denial. No. She’s shoring up her legacy, and preparing for 2012 or 2016.

    Good for her, and good for us.

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