Latest Democratic Delegate Totals

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The numbers are starting to get a lot closer when you look at the different sources…

NY Times:
Obama – Pledged (1,656), Super (319.5), Total (1,975.5)
Clinton – Pledged (1,502), Super (274), Total (1,776)
50.5 for Obama to win, 250 for Clinton to win

Obama – Pledged (1661), Super (317), Total (1,978)
Clinton – Pledged (1499), Super (281), Total (1,780)
48 for Obama to win, 246 for Clinton to win

Real Clear Politics:
Obama – Pledged (1659), Super (320), Total (1979)
Clinton – Pledged (1499), Super (282), Total (1781)
47 for Obama to win, 245 for Clinton to win

The Associated Press:
Obama – Pledged (1,659), Super (322), Total (1,981)
Clinton – Pledged (1,499), Super (281), Total (1,780)
45 for Obama to win, 248 for Clinton to win

Dem Convention Watch
Obama – Pledged (1660.5), Supers (320.5), Total (1981)
Clinton – Pledged (1499.5), Supers (280.5), Total (1780)
44 for Obama to win, 245 for Clinton to win

We’ll find out more this weekend after the DNC rules on Michigan and Florida, but my guess is that they’ll seat half the delegates per the existing rules. Obama can let that happen now and not have Hillary catch up, although it might help her “I deserve the VP position” argument.

More this weekend…

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4 Responses to “Latest Democratic Delegate Totals”

  1. Rob in Denver Says:

    There’s an interesting bit on the Nightline Web site about how the Clinton campaign has changed in these final days… it’s more relaxed, scaled back. She’s still spreading the message — that she’s the one who can beat Grandpa Bonkers in the fall — but it’s not what it was even a few weeks ago.

    Check it out at (Top right corner of the page. ABC, for some stupid reason, didn’t include a direct link.)

  2. Tully Says:

    I would simply note that it remains impossible for Obama to go over the top on pledged delegates, and as I’ve predicted since before the first caucus/primary, the final decision will indeed be made by the DNC insiders, the superdelegates.


  3. mark Says:

    And you thought your vote would count. I have said all along that Hillary would find a way to maneuver this thing her way, voter be damned. The time has long passed for her to help the party. She is even having her menopause mafia come to Denver to demonstrate if she does not get the delegates her way. Not very unifying. Narcissim does not begin to describe her.

  4. mcdtracy Says:

    I think that whoever gets the most pledged delegates should be the winner.

    The super-delegates should simply align with that outcome.

    If the candidate with less pledged delegates manages to convince:

    1) super-delegates to overturn the result
    2) pledged delegates to switch and overturn the results

    Then there would be chaos.

    Sometimes, you win and sometimes you loose. But how you play the game lives with you forever. Winning at all costs is too great a cost.

    This is NOT the election that matters most.

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