Daylight Robbery: What Happened To Our $23 Billion?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in History, Iraq, Military, Money, The Politics Of Film, The War On Terrorism, The World, Video

How did the BBC find out what happened to untold billions in Iraq, but we somehow haven’t yet?

I’ll be checking this out later tonight, so I’ll have more thoughts then.

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One Response to “Daylight Robbery: What Happened To Our $23 Billion?”

  1. probligo Says:

    Perhaps you could start here

    Separately, the Army has launched two investigations into possible fraud involving thousands of contracts for services in Iraq and Kuwait after 20 civilian and military Army employees were indicted on charges that included bribery.

    The scope of the fraud remains unknown, but Army Secretary Pete Geren called the problem significant.

    and -

    A US Army major, his wife and sister were indicted this month in a suspected scheme to accept US$9.6 million in exchange for contracts for bottled water and other goods and services for troops in Kuwait and Iraq.

    An Army captain also has been charged with accepting a US$50,000 bribe to steer military contracts in Iraq, according to prosecutors.

    Note the sources; Morell, “Pentagon spokesman”; Geren, “Army Secretary”; “Secretary Gates”. Where are they now?

    Perhaps the questions should concentrate on why this news (now 10 months old) has still not surfaced in the US media.

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