Nader Makes Plans To Debate Dummy

By Glenn Church | Related entries in Nader

If you want to catch a hot debate, do not miss NADER FEST ’08.

At a Denver café on July 27, Ralph Nader plans an issues oriented debate. The issues are many—nuclear disarmament, same-sex unions, healthcare, Iraq and so on. A debate involves more than one, and Nader has a surprise opponent. Obama? McCain? Barr? No, none of these candidates. They are too verbose for Nader. No, Nader’s opponent is…a dummy. Ralph Nader

Questions will be asked, Nader will answer and the dummy will signify the silence of the major parties on the issues. Yep, Nader and a dummy. He should be able to win this one.

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8 Responses to “Nader Makes Plans To Debate Dummy”

  1. mdgeorge Says:

    Ok, for this one I think “everybody look and laugh” is actually the right response :)

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Actually the funny thing about this is that Nader will probably end up answering more questions and come up with more solutions than either major candidate. And here’s the kicker. Nader’s solutions aren’t bought off by corporate America. Nader isn’t a shill and because of that he will get little to know attention from the media and if he does it will be decidedly negative. I.e. his name will be mentioned with titles such as “Spoiler.”

  3. Jimmy the Dhimmi Says:

    He should debate Bob Barr.

  4. rusty075 Says:

    Nader’s victory in this debate is far from assured. My money’s on the dummy.

  5. Tully Says:

    My prediction: The dummy will win.

  6. BLACK GRIFF Says:

    If this is not a joke then this man is an idiot. He may have good ideas, but if this stunt is an any way the most effective means to communicate them than the only possible solution will be for the dummy to attack him “Chucky style” which will gain him more press.

  7. Unarmed Debating « Voting While Intoxicated Says:

    [...] So, Ralph Nader is going to debate a dummy: Questions will be asked, Nader will answer and the dummy will signify the silence of the major [...]

  8. Tails Says:

    lol, i like how everyone here (glenn church included) seems to think you can ‘win’ a debate… reminds me of the time I won at dinner and then beat the shit out of sleeping..

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