The 2008 Preliminary Democratic Platform Offers Hope for Public Education

By Tom Hanson | Related entries in Barack, Bush, Democrats, Education, Immigration

On Thursday, Democratic platform committee members were provided a draft of the Democratic National Committee’s 2008 platform. Titled “Renewing America’s Promise” and broken out into four distinct sections, “Renewing the American Dream,” “Renewing American Leadership,” “Renewing the American Community,” and “Renewing American Democracy,” the platform is a strong counter to the current Bush administration policies and is drafted in the ‘hopeful of a better future’ format that has marked Senator Barack Obama’s stump speeches.

Declaring, “it is time for a change,” the party is committing itself to comprehensive immigration reform as well as a strong and unequivocal support for Roe v. Wade and a woman’s right to choose a safe and legal abortion. In addition, the party insists it will not continue the intrusive Bush policing actions based on post 9/11 world.

“We will restore our constitutional traditions, and recover our nation’s founding commitment to liberty under the law,” the draft platform states.

While the platform has a little something for everyone, it is the strong, broad approach to education, one that mixes support with accountability, that has us continuing to back Barack Obama’s candidacy for president of the United States.

Democratic platform educational planks.

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One Response to “The 2008 Preliminary Democratic Platform Offers Hope for Public Education”

  1. Tully Says:

    “Focusing on a slogan…”

    Yeah, that pretty well sums it up. A chicken in every pot, and all kids above average! HopeyChange!

    Let me point out something blazingly obvious to anyone who’s actually been involved in local education. Local schools are locally run. You cannot “fix” them without starting at the bottom, at the local level. You want better local schools? Get active in supporting your local schools. The federal government is not your problem there. Nor is it your solution.

    All I see there is a lot of soaring rhetoric crying out for more “free” education money–acomopanied by greater federal micro-management of local schools. And more rhetoric that is blatantly double-talk. EX:

    To facilitate a level playing field, there is a push to make college more affordable for the average American “by creating a new American Opportunity Tax Credit to ensure that the first $4,000 of a college education is completely free. In exchange for the credit, students will be expected to perform community service.”

    So completely free actually means politically-determined and assigned effective-low-wage “community service.” But they’re gonna be “volunteers,” of course.

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