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Grand Theft Auto V Mod: Dragon Ball Theme Gives You the Ability to Fly and Teleport


If you’re a fan of mods in Grand Theft Auto V, then you most probably know who JulioNIB is and what he’s worked on so far. For those that haven’t heard of him, JulioNIB is a famous GTA V modder that likes to make the game’s environment more fun by replacing content with new themes.

Dragon Ball Attacks, Teleportation and Flying Abilities

We’ve seen his superhero mods, one with The Flash and one with Iron Man. Now, he’s working on a new GTA V mod, focusing on Dragon Ball.

The Dragon Ball script will allow players to storm in Los Santos and use these famous powers.

You will be able to fly, teleport, Ki-Blast and use the popular Kamehameha energy attack on everything, and wait ‘till you see the Destructo Disc attack!

On his YouTube channel, JulioNIB shows us his work in progress on his new Grand Theft Auto V, Dragon Ball theme, where we can see all these attacks and movements around the city.

There are more screenshots on his BlogSpot and, for those that want to try the script once its finished, they should check out his Patreon page. All of his mods are available to be downloaded in exchange for a certain subscription. He also offers his fans the opportunity to try out his work in progress, once they become his Patrons.

Interested in More GTA V Mods? Here Are Some of the Best Mods So Far

Vehicle Controller script – while some of the options sound cosmetic, there are perks like leaving the engine running and the door open for a fast getaway.

Gravity Gun script – it does what it says: point the gravity gun, hold E and move your target in the air and throw it far-far away. It works on cars, people and objects.

Nice Fly script – you will fly like Superman in any direction without the help of a jet. You will have to wear a parachute – that you will never use…

Car Cannon script – get crazy and shoot cars with your cannon that, well… that shoots cars out of it, because why not?

There are more mods, such as: North Yankton Loader, Ragdoll on Demand, Mobile Radio and Customize Plate – all helping you out with some customization or just making you laugh the entire time.

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