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Google Maps Users Can Vote Congress Members


Google Maps is a mapping service offering satellite images, real-time traffic info, panoramic street view and features such as reviewing places: restaurants, clubs etc. A new option allows users to review members of the Congress.

Rate Congress members

Google Map user can now rate congressional offices. Apart from the usual places people review such as salons, restaurants, clubs and other businesses, people can now express their opinion and give stars to Congress members.

People already started commenting and writing reviews. Some users star rated members of the Congress, some wrote good reviews and some very bad ones.

Senators who received good reviews

So far, Senator Richard Shelby has been rated five stars by a user who said that the congress member was very receptive to health research ideas. Sen. Shelby’s staff was also given a positive rating. According to a user named Tanner Godfrey, the staff members are very professional and good at their job.

Another senator who received good reviews in New York Senator Chuck Schumer. A user rated him five stars and wrote that whenever he reached out to Sen. Schumer, he always received a prompt and friendly response.

Senator Roy Blunt’s staff was also congratulated. One user said that the staff of the Missouri senator was very professional.

Senators who received bad reviews

Not all senators were so lucky. Some received bad star rating and negative reviews. This is the case for Virginia Senator Tim Kaine. One use rated him with a star out of five and commented that the senator is responsible for selling 20% of the US uranium to Russia. However, another user rated the same senator with five stars and commented he was a good man.

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand does not have many fans either. Some users rated her with one star.

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