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Samsung Galaxy S9 and OnePLus 5T latest leaks


The Android community is always curious of finding out the latest news connecting to Android operating devices. This week there are fresh Samsung Galaxy S9 leaks, Razer releases its first smartphone and OnePLus 5T is confirmed.

Galaxy S9 leaks

The South Korean company is expected to release the Galaxy S9 device in 2018 and so far the specks leaks are promising. The addition of dual cameras is an excellent choice and it will put the phone into the same boxing ring with the likes of Apple, LG, Google and Huawei’s devices. Another pretty predictable change is the addition of the latest chipset from Qualcomm: SnapDragon 845. This will give the device power advantage over other smartphones. However, the Galaxy S9 monopoly of the 845 chipset will not be forever. After a while other companies will build up sufficient stock to use it as well.

The use of an exclusive chipset is a strategy used by Samsung with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus as well. Both variants used the SnapDragon 835 before any other Android phone.

Razor entered the smartphone market and it is here to stay

The US/Singapore company decided it is time to enter the phone market and it has released the first Raze Phone. The specification list includes 8GB of RAM, THX certificate, dual speakers, 120 Hz IGZO LCD Ultramotion display. Owners will no longer have to put up with shuttering, lag or motion blur. The front-facing stereo speakers is perfect for those who love playing games on their mobile.

The device will also come with a USB-C port and a dongle adaptor.

OnePlus has confirmed the 5T device

According to the company’s CEO, Pete Lau, the new device will keep the 3.5mm headphone jack, proving that the customer’s opinion matters. After carrying out a survey, OnePlus found out that 70% of users prioritize sound quality in a phone.

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