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A Secret Chamber has been Discovered Inside Egypt’s Great Pyramid Thanks to New Technology


If you check the news the first thing that you will see should be the new discovery made at the Great Pyramid of Giza. A new huge secret room has been found inside it and it became one of the most important discoveries. However, you might have wondered about the technique that was used in order to find this room, especially since plenty of researchers have explored the Great Pyramid without realizing what is hidden there.


Muon tomography

Responsible for this discovery is a Japanese and French research team. They managed to find the secret space that is located above the Grand Gallery. The new room is supposed to be around 100-foot long.

The technique that was used is named muon tomography, and thanks to it no damage was done to the Pyramid while mapping it. Other major discoveries were made in more aggressive ways. For example, back in the 1800s British Egyptologists destroyed some parts by using gunpowder in order to “investigate” it.


Muon tomography is named after muons, particles that are similar to electrons and they travel, hitting the surface of Earth at 1 per square centimetre every minute.

These particles were discovered back in 1936 by two American physicists, Seth Neddermeyer and Carl D. Anderson while they were studying cosmic radiation. They realized an experiment named “cloud chamber” back in 1937 when they proved that supersaturated vapor in a sealed environment is used to visualize ionizing radiation.

Muons can go through many types of materials, including hard ones such as steel and rock. Which means that they can be used to scan various areas. However, there are certain materials that can deflect muons, for example uranium and some metals such as lead.

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