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Clash of Clans Update Brings Joy with Expanded Improvements


A Clash of Clans update was released on the 11th of October. Some improvements brought by Supercell include Home Villages, weapons, Builder Bases and an indicator showing when Clanmates are online. Also, new levels for Town Hall 22 troops and buildings will be available for game veterans.


More features brought by the October Clash of Clans update

Undoubtedly, the most expected feature for veteran gamers is the new indicator letting them know when a Clanmate is online. Apart from that, there are also new leveled up features such as Level 6 Valkyries, Level 7 Golems, Level 6 Bomb Towers, Level 7 Air Sweepers and Level 12 Walls.

Another update which will bring more joy to those who are already avid players of Clash of Clans is the fact that users with a Town Hall 11 can upgrade their Walls even further. This might mean difficult attacks and new players will find it trickier to cope with.

Clanmates will interact more

Another improvement is the Builder Base Friendly Challenges which will be enjoyed together with the Clanmates. The feature is similar to the Friendly Challenges. Also, the Online Indicator will let all players see from their Clan Chat the number of online Clanmates. This feature will help teams organize a Clan War or troop donations. The Friend List will also show online friends and what attacks they have made.

Clash of Clans players can partake in 35v35 and 45v45 Friendly Wars and there are extra spectator slots when Clan Wars happen. A Builder Base requirement can be set by Clans for users thinking of joining in.

The mobile strategy video game was released for the first time in August 2012 for iOS platforms. Android users could download the game from Google Play Store in October 2013.

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